Friday, February 5, 2016

Recent news...

I am SO happy to share that grandbaby #2 is on its way!  We don't know yet whether it's a little boy or girl, but we are extremely excited for Drew and Stephanie!  She is due early August.  


Darsy can hardly wait to have a cousin! (she's 9 months; the babies will be about 15 months apart)
And of course, we will now have an Auntie Em :-)


Speaking of Darsy, she eats pretty much anything but I'm especially glad she shares my affinity for good BREAD!  She will work a piece of bread for a LONG time.  Don't worry, Emma feeds her healthy otherwise :-)   I may be extremely biased, but I think she is quite cute.


Oh!  And speaking of BREAD... the Back Door Bakery in Sunland reopened! Hooray! They seriously have the BEST croissants on this earth.


So, let's just say I have been making a lot of soap these days... our January sale was spectacular and we're gearing up for a March one.  Also, I'm thrilled that my soap will be sold at the shoppe at Shepherds' Conference in March!
(This is a sneak peek at what's coming to our sale in March -- a new carrot complexion soap)


And lastly, we celebrated this lovely's birthday - I can't believe Kait is 23 and MARRIED!

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Katherine Rourke said...

Congratulations! Your family is beautiful! (And I love Darsy's little knit hat!)