Friday, January 29, 2016

A tale of three bowls


Bowl #1.  Acai bowl from The Harvest Bar in Sherman Oaks.  They call themselves a "superfood cafe" and this was a welcome lunch after a long and annoying government agency appointment in Van Nuys.  This wonderful bowl had 21 grams of protein and included: acai, peanut butter, hemp protein, hemp milk, dates, banana, goji berries, pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, almonds, cacao nibs, bee pollen, and fresh raspberries!  It was like a healthy ice cream sundae with the most delightful flavors and textures! The next day I was sure to stock my house up with all the needed ingredients to make this and it's been on repeat for breakfast or lunch ever since.  I add spirulina powder so my bowl is green, not purple! Yum!


Bowl #2 satisfied a strange craving.  I wanted to eat something that LOOKED just like this.  I don't know what got in my subconscious mind to form this craving - maybe I saw something on Pinterest?
Nonetheless, this SUPER easy and DELICOUS dinner hit the spot.  Basically it's just a bowl with cooked quinoa on the bottom, topped with sauteed kale + chard, and oven roasted butternut squash.  It is topped with a tahini dressing simply made by throwing a few tablespoons of tahini, a couple of garlic cloves, the juice of one lemon, a pinch of salt, and a little water into a mini chopper.  The secret is roasting the squash on high temperature so it gets all yummy and caramelized.   Oftentimes I end up with big bunches of greens from my farm box and this will be my new favorite way to use them.


Ok, so maybe this one isn't EXACTLY a bowl...but more like a platter... but just LOOK at this gorgeous food from Tel Aviv Grill in Tarzana!  This is authenic Israeli food.  Chicken Schwarma, incredible hummous, one of the best falafels I have ever had, and fluffy house-made pita bread.   Not to mention all the lovely condiments. It completely took me back to our trip to Israel a few years ago, and all the amazing food we had there.  
 {P.S. Don't expect to go for dinner on a Friday night or anytime Saturday -- they are Jewish and close to observe Shabbat around 3:30 pm and the Sabbath on Saturday.}

Friday, January 22, 2016



I have some really exciting news!  

After years of selling my all natural essential oil soap rather informally on this blog, I have joined forces with my daughter, Emma and daughter in law, Stephanie and we are launching a real business on a real website! :-)

I invite you to visit our brand new soap shop which launches today at Shadow Hills Handmade.  We even have a short film that introduces you to our soap and we hope you'll take a minute to view it.  

In addition, we are having a BIG SALE on Monday, January 25th, 9:00 am PST.  The soaps shown above are part of our Pure Love Collection offered just in time for Valentine's Day! 

It is our goal to keep the shop regularly stocked, and offer seasonal collections that will be limited edition and a lot of fun to try.  We also can take special orders -- just contact us through the website.

We hope also that you'll kindly follow us on Instagram
because there you will not only learn more about our soap but you might also find a free giveaway and/or special offer from time to time! You can find us @shadowhillshandmade

To all my soap friends and customers, I say a warm thank you for all your past support and your encouragement for us to grow. We truly hope that you'll enjoy this new (and easier) shopping experience... and the opportunity to have the soap available more than just once or twice a year!

To those of you who may be new, I hope you'll give us a try and see why we get pretty excited about a bar of soap!

Stay clean!
xo, Karen
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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

12 years with the Lord

Today marks 12 years since my oldest child, Brady, went to be with the Lord.  He was diagnosed with a brain tumor at age 10 and had a four year battle before leaving this earth and his disease behind at age 14.  Though we prayed fervently that he would be cured and remain with us, God had bigger and better plans for him.  For those of you whose loved ones have gone to be with the Lord, you know the deep seated joy of knowing that they are with Christ in heaven, safe and secure for all eternity.  That is the blessing and reality that I live with daily, and it is so comforting.

James 4:14 describes our life here on earth as this:  You are just a vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes away.  Sometimes it seems that life is long but we must remember this truth.   It will be over before we know.   Even if we live to old age, it will come before we know it.  I am thankful that today I can celebrate that I am 12 years closer to heaven and seeing Brady.  How my heart longs for that reunion.

Rich pulled up this audio this morning as we rejoiced over our son's heavenly home once again.    It is from his baptism at our church at age 13.  It was precious to once again hear his voice and remember his sweet testimony of faith.  

Below is a photo I keep on my desk.  It's one of my favorites of my boys together.  He had such sparkly blue eyes and a great laugh.  Today I remember once again my sweet boy and the mark he left on my heart.  I am so thankful God gave him to me, if only for a short time.  

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