Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Emma & Austin!

Today, June 25, is a very special day in our family because Emma, and Austin, my sister's oldest son, were both born today! Isn't that funny that two sisters would have a child born on the same day? And also, June 25th is also our parents' anniversary. This year, Emma is turning 15 and Austin is 11! Happy birthday to two of my favorite people!! Above are two pictures that pretty much represent these two people and the way you'll find them...Emma with her camera and Austin with the hugest grin!

Now for a little gushing on Emma for her birthday...

Dear Emms,

Happy birthday to my baby! I love so many things about you. You are a wonderful girl...sweet, thoughtful, tenderhearted, loving, funny...but most of all I have to say I just love your company! I love to hang out with you and live life with you. I love to see you developing into a young woman with a heart for God. You are responsive to God's word, and love to serve and be around God's people. You are a joy and a gift to me.

Well, I wish you a wonderful day today, doing some of your favorite things: getting a mani-pedi, going out to lunch and shopping with Kait, and dinner at CPK! Enjoy!

I love you!

Monday, June 23, 2008

The appliance curse

I don’t know what it is about me and appliances. Recently, I blogged about my washing machine being on its way out at the ripe old age of 4. And, now, the latest casualty is our kitchen refrigerator. It was almost 5 years old when it died last Friday evening. Now, I say that it died, but it really could just be in need of a $5 part. I’ll never know. We decided that we would not call in an expert in this time because we know the routine:

1. Call the appliance repairman to get an appointment.

2. Wait 3 or 4 days for the earliest appointment.

3. Drop everything and stay home an entire day waiting for the repairman who has said he’ll be there “between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m.” (which involves penning the dogs all day and leaving the electric gate open).

4. At 5:59 p.m., the repairman arrives.

5. He spends about 3 minutes looking at the appliance.

6. He gives me a quote for repair and the price is about the same as the purchase price of the item (if not more).

7. I tell him not to repair the appliance.

8. He charges me $75 for his helpful information.

9. I go and buy a new appliance.

So, we just decided to cut out steps 1-8 this time. Much simpler. The end result is always the same so why aggravate yourself. My sweet and understanding husband took me over to Lowe’s at the first possibly opportunity to get a new one and he even let me pick it out. Happy wife indeed.

So, the refrigerator arrives this morning. It doesn’t fit. That’s right, it’s ¼” too tall. UGH. Rich measured and remeasured the floor model at the store, but it still didn't fit. I just think that when my house was built in 1937 that nobody could have imagined such monster refrigerators and made the openings too small. So, I’m on the phone with Rich and he’s saying “it will fit" and the delivery man in my kitchen is saying, “no, it doesn’t.” I'm in the middle wondering what to do. So, I tell the delivery man to leave the refrigerator in my breakfast nook and my husband will make it fit when he gets home, thank you.

So, Rich is spending his evening cutting down the cabinet above to squeeze this baby in.

But, I am truly thankful. On Thursday and Friday, I purchased close to $800 worth of perishable food for Kiara Tyler’s memorial service Saturday. I put it all in the garage refrigerator (which I’d like to point out is a cheaper and older refrigerator than the inside one, and I bought it used). All I lost in the house were some breads and not more than $40 worth of misc. groceries. It would have been devastating to have lost all that food outside. So I am thankful that it was the inside fridge that died, and not the outside one!

I am also thankful that we were able to get a replacement so quickly. I am thankful for my husband who is working diligently to get it taken care of right now, even though he probably had other plans for this evening. And, I am indeed thankful for Lowe’s next day free delivery!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Emma's blog has changed...

You can now find Emma's blog at

So much blogging to little time

There is much to blog about - San Clemente and the trailer "mishaps", the Resolved Conference, and most importantly, the recent homegoing of little Kiara Tyler. However, we have not been home much and this is a busy week helping with the reception for the memorial service, so for now, I direct you to my sister's blog for some sweet thoughts on Kiara.

On a lighter note, I just had to post this video that Drew filmed and directed, while we were in Yosemite. Keep in mind that it's all supposed to be satirical...they are poking fun at this song and it's "cheesiness" or as Rich would say, it's a "Jesus is my boyfriend" song! Enjoy!

Be sure to click on "watch this in high quality" before viewing, and be sure to stick around for the credits...

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

San Clemente

We're heading to San Clemente this Sunday afternoon with our dear friends, the Brooks. We've been friends and camping buddies for a long time! So, for this week's "Way back When" Wednesday, I thought it fitting to post some old camping photos I found from the summers of '96 and '97. Too cute!

Billy Brooks

Courtney and Diane

T.J. and Emma (after PB & J?)

Katherine and Emma (notice that they are just sitting in the dirt)

L to R: Drew, Katherine, Courtney, Billy, T.J., Emma, Brady

Drew hasn't changed a bit - always snack bag in hand

Rich and I

Emma celebrating 4th of July

Emma waiting for a shower

Drew looking rather pooped out

Drew and Brady poppin' wheelies

Emma and Katherine obediently napping on the beach

Todd and Billy

The gang at the campsite

Brady and Drew just havin' fun on the beach