Saturday, March 23, 2013

She posts!

Sorry I haven’t blogged lately.   I had been feeling guilty about it, then I got the following text this week:

“I’m beginning to go through “e-wife lack of blog-posts withdrawls… it’s just miserable over here.  The pain…”

I would probably embarrass this person if I addressed them here on the blog. But I suppose I could throw out a few hints as to this person's identity:   

1. It’s a male reader.   
2. He is under age 21.    
3. He likes a certain someone in my household.  

Thanks for reading, you know who you are:-)  This post is dedicated to you - as random as it may be.  And thanks for reading.

Incidentally, I’ve noticed how men in particular like to comment to me about my blog.

I got a comment from one of my Shepherds’ Conference guests (from Connecticut), who also reads my blog.  He has been a longtime reader and said he observed that I was going “all healthy” on the blog and seemed a bit disturbed (in a nice way).   Anyways, by the time he left my house he had a hopeless addiction to Kombucha and the brewed cocoa beans we use, Crio Bru.   What can I say?  The e-wife strikes again.

And once at the Shepherds' conference, a man I'd never met approached me and asked if I was the e-wife.  He very excitedly told me that his wife was a faithful reader and asked for a picture with me!   

Oh, men can be so cute.  They read blogs. 

So, yes life has been rather busy and I haven’t blogged.  And it’s ok.  

I’m trying to get next year’s Master’s Kids classes in order, ready the current class for graduation, and oh yeah help with the wedding.  And I sort of keep forgetting my son is graduating college in 7 weeks and deserves some sort of celebrationAnyways, a lot on my plate.  Normal life has definitely been amped up.  It's been a struggle recently to just get the regular things like cooking & cleaning done.  The other day I literally dropped everything to stay home and dust, vacuum, and clean bedsheets.  And I am not one who deals with stress all that well.  I try avoid it like the plague by balancing my schedule very carefully and not becoming over-busy.  But sometimes things are out of my control and stress creeps in. I have to remind myself to be thankful as the Lord has truly given me so many GOOD things to do, even though at times I’m overwhelmed.   Each night, about 9:00 p.m. after another full day, Rich usually brews us some “choffee” (what we call our Crio Bru) and lures me to the couch for an episode of Downton Abbey.   It truly is so calming and lets my mind just take a break from all the thinking and planning and doing.

So all that to say, I would love to blog on the following if I had more time:

Wedding plans.  EEEEEEKKKKK it’s only 8 weeks away!    But seriously, I think things are falling together nicely.  I’m thankful to have a part in some fun things, not TBA yet, and we as the groom’s family are planning the rehearsal dinner (for close to 60).  But- how cool is this… it’s in a barn!   

So many praises along the way, too.  Drew and Stephanie have found an apartment in the same building with lifelong friends for less than they hoped to spend, been blessed with very nice either free or mostly free furniture (bedroom set, new bed, couch, fridge).  They are all registered, and three showers are on their way in April!  I even found my dress… relief!  I do have to say, nothing like a sleeveless dress to drive one to the gym, huh?  Do you think 8 weeks enough to get rid of my flabby arms and get sculpted runner’s calves?  Well, I’m sure gonna try. 

Sourdough.   Quite a switch in topics, but I am proud to say after 8 weeks I now have a successful sourdough starter and have been cranking out the most amazing sourdough waffles.  I’ve also had success with pancakes and pizza dough.  Bread and other things are on the horizon…  stay tuned!

My reading list.   This book is a very interesting read:

I’m now pretty much convinced that pasteurized milk products have no place in our diet.   I guess we never stop to think about how altered milk is and how non-nutritional/harmful it is.   Eye-opening for sure.  Our family doesn’t consume much dairy, but raw cheese, cream, milk and butter are more important than ever to me.  I hope to put together a post soon. 

This book is next on the horizon:

And most of all this book has been so inspiring to live simply in light of the gospel in such busy times.  Great refreshment! If you have never read it, please do yourself a favor and get it. It's my favorite book next to the bible.

Until we meet again....
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