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Soap Sale Preview!


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I am happy to announce that I will be holding 
my annual soap sale on 
Monday, December 14th, at 8:00 am PST.

For all my returning customers, I invite you skip down to view this year's selections.  

For newcomers, first allow me to tell you a little about my soap and why you'll love them! :-)

My soaps are 100% natural – never any harsh chemicals or ingredients to harm your skin. They contain natural glycerine which is formed in the saponification (soap making) process. Glycerine actually attracts moisture to your skin. Most commercial soaps lack glycerine because they are extracted out for use in other products. Detergents are then added in and that is why your skin can feel dry and itchy.  I used to say I had "dry skin" but it was actually what I was putting on my skin that made it such!  Because my soap lacks detergents and other harsh additives, it is softer. Please allow it drain and air dry well between uses to extend its usage. 

That said, do you know what is in the soap you use? I do, because I control everything that goes into the soap I make! I choose only quality, natural ingredients such as coconut, organic palm, and olive oils, 100% pure essential oils, goat’s milk, and botanicals as natural colorants and exfolliants. Yes, I use sodium hydroxide, as it is essential in soap making, but rest assured it evaporates in the saponification and curing process. You can read more about the properties of each specific type of soap below. 

All the soap is made in small batches, by the cold process method. It is cut by hand in my own kitchen, and then cured for at least 4 weeks to ensure a quality soap.  These are good size bars - around 4 1/2 oz each.  I really enjoy making soap for my own family and it’s a great joy to put a beautiful, hand made product into your hands. Thank you for your support!

This time I will be offering 4 different types of soap: 

All-vegetable oil

Goat milk

Goat milk oatmeal

Shea butter 

ALL-VEGETABLE OIL SOAPS - $4.00 each plus tax

Made with coconut, organic palm, and olive oils.
A great basic body or facial bar.


Eucalyptus, Tea Tree & Mint
Tea Tree (melaleuca) has numerous valuable properties - chiefly antibacterial, antiseptic, and antiviral.  This soap also contains spirulina (a natural algae).  Spirulina contains chlorophyll and beta carotene which may aid in purifying the skin and help with acne.   


Calendula & Lemon 
Always a favorite! Calendula petals (from the Marigold plant) contain antioxidants and carotenoids, and can be soothing to dry or irritated skin. This bar is bursting with fresh lemon aroma.


Cedarwood, Orange & Moroccan Red Clay

 This musky, citrusy soap contains Moroccan red clay.  Clays have qualities which may help remove toxins and impurities from the skin.  


Chai Tea 
 Returning to the lineup, this sweet and spicy bar is reminiscent of the tea we have come to love. Made with brewed & ground Chai tea leaves, then enhanced with cinnamon, clove, and a touch of anise essential oils.

SHEA BUTTER SOAPS - $4.00 each plus tax
Same oils as the all-vegetable oil soap, with the addition of unrefined shea butter to provide or extra richness (this is considered a "super fatted" soap). Shea butter moisturizes and contains skin benefiting vitamins A and E. You can really feel the difference when you use a shea butter soap.  Your dry winter skin may fall in love this soap!


Rosemary & Citrus 


Lavender & Grapefruit 


Spearmint & Orange

 GOAT MILK SOAPS - $4.00 each plus tax

Same oils as the all-vegetable oil soap, but the addition of goat’s milk provides rich emollients and vitamins to help moisturize and nourish the skin. It contains capric-capryllic triglycerides, which have been shown effective in moisturizing skin, and goat milk soap's gentle natural ingredients can be  beneficial to people with skin sensitivities or eczema.  I am offering one special soap formulated especially for hand washing.  It contains coffee grounds for deep cleaning and odor removal (think: garlic & onion).

 Frankincense & Myrrh 
This is the perfect Christmas soap, because Matthew chapter 2 tells us that the wise men brought the baby Jesus gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh!  Gold was a precious metal, frankincense was used as a perfume or incense, and myrrh was an annointing oil.  These two essential oils have been valued for centuries for their potent healing properties.  Colored naturally with organic raw cacao powder.


Lavender Rose 
A friend brought me dried rose petals from her trip to Greece, and I immediately thought of using them in a soap.  This soap gets its pink color from rose clay.  The rose petals on top (besides being beautiful) provide light exfoliation.  Enhanced with lavender essential oil.


Chamomile {unscented}
Looking for a pure soap for sensitive skin, babies or children?  
Try this one, infused with soothing chamomile and nothing else added in.


Peppermint Mocha {hand soap}
One of my personal favorites, I keep this by the kitchen sink to remove the odor of garlic and onion from my hands. This soap contains organic coffee grounds which scrub hands and helps neutralize odors.  The invigorating peppermint will wake up your senses!

GOAT MILK OATMEAL SOAPS - $4.00 each plus tax
All the moisture of goat milk soap, oatmeal soap can also provides numerous additional benefits. It is appropriate for both oily and dry skin types. Dry skin can benefit by having its pH balanced by the oatmeal, while oily skin can benefit by the absorbent nature of oats. Plus, there is a healthy fat in oatmeal that can help keep skin moist. The polysaccharides in oatmeal can also help protect the skin after it is washed. Oatmeal soap contains polyphenols, which can possibly benefit acne prone skin. Oatmeal soaps lather great and provide light exfoliation, which can help remove dead skin. 

Anise & Orange


Lavender & Lime


Herbal Lemon

Can’t decide?   
Try a sample pack! 


I will surprise you with 4 or 8 different soaps in half bar sizes.
Each pack will contain at least one of each type of soap

(goat milk, goat milk oatmeal, vegetable oil, and shea butter)

4 bar pack $8 plus tax
8 bar pack  $16 plus tax 

ORDERING:  Orders will be filled first come, first served at the commencement of the sale, 8:00 am PST, December 14th.  You can email your order to   Since supplies are limited, I will keep the quantities available updated as best as I can to ensure your order will be able to be fulfilled. 
To inquire about custom orders, email at  
Both whole bar and half bar sizes are available, and can include custom labeling, as well as
 custom wording stamped on soap. Keep in mind, due to the soap curing process, custom orders take 4-6 weeks to fulfill.

DELIVERY/SHIPPING: If you are close by, we can make arrangements to meet. 
If not, I am happy to ship anywhere in the U.S.  All paid orders will ship USPS Priority by December 17th. to help ensure Christmas delivery.

I can ship up to 4 bars of soap for $5.25,
up to 8 bars for $10.50, and 9+ bars will be $11.30.

PAYMENT: I accept PayPal (use, cash, or personal checks (cash & checks accepted only in person).  

Special thanks to my daughter Emma and daughter in law Stephanie for their time and talent in helping put this sale together and getting the word out there about my soap!


We make and sell all natural soap. The use of our products is not intended to replace the recommendations of your healthcare provider.

Our soaps are formulated to be extremely mild but some individuals may have adverse reactions to certain plant materials or other natural products. If irritation should occur, please discontinue use and consult a medical professional.

Our soaps are not intended for the treatment, cure, prevention, and or diagnosis of disease or condition. We make no claims to be approved by or tested by the USDA or the FDA.  Shadow Hills Handmade is not liable for any illness, problems, direct or indirect damages from any of our soaps.

Our soaps are for external use only and to be used with total discretion and sole responsibility of the user.

All of our soaps are hand made, so no two are exactly alike. The coloration of our products may vary from batch to batch due to the use of natural herbs and spices which enhances their uniqueness.   Products shown in images above may not necessarily be found in the actual soap.

We want you to love our soaps and be completely satisfied.  If you are not, please contact us immediately!

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