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Soap and Candle Sale Today!

The sale has now ended.  The next one will be early December - hope to see you all then.  I sincerely thank everyone for their purchases and for supporting Emma! 

If you missed the special reason I'm doing this, click here.

There are 15 different soaps to choose from this time - goat milk so
Linkap, all vegetable oil soap, and my newest - shea butter soap!

If you're new to my soap, allow me to tell you a little about them (if not feel free to scroll down and see the soap).

First of all, they are
100% natural. That is why you will find most of the scents to be citrusy, herbal, spicy, or earthy, as I exclusively use all natural essential oils to fragrance the soap. If the soap has a color or a texture, you can be assured that I used only what God has made to accomplish that. :-)

In all the soaps, I use a combination of quality pure base oils (olive, coconut, and palm) to promote moisture and good lathering. The three types I make are:

All-vegetable oil soap This soap contains olive oil, coconut oil, and palm oil, and has distilled water as its liquid. This is the hardest bar, making it long lasting.
Good for all skin types.

Goat milk soap All-vegetable oil soap recipe, substituting goat milk for the distilled water. Goat milk adds alpha-hydroxy acids, vitamins, and minerals to the soap, as well as increasing the moisture (goat milk soaps are a bit softer as a result).
Good for all skin types, particularly good for dry or sensitive ones.

Shea butter soap All-vegetable oil soap recipe, with the addition of 100% pure unrefined shea butter, which makes this soap ultra emollient and luxurious. This is a very premium soap, super-fatted 5% with the addition of the shea butter. Shea butter can also aid in the relief of acne, eczema and other skin problems as it moisturizes without clogging pores.
Good for all skin types, particularly good for dry or sensitive ones.

I make my soap by the cold process method in small batches, I cut it by hand, and I cure it for at l
east 4 weeks to ensure hardness. These are big bars - at least 4 1/2 ounces each (Ivory soap bars are about 3 ounces). You should know that homemade soap is softer than commercial soap, so be sure to let your bar drain and air dry after each use (don't let it sit in a sudsy puddle). You will find that my soap is gentle and you can definitely feel good about using it on your skin. When you get away from putting detergents and chemicals on your skin, and use an all natural approach, you will feel the difference!

DELIVERY: If you are close by, I can arrange to get the soap to you. If you are not , I can mail them to you. I can send up to 4 soaps anywhere in the U.S. for $5.35 using the small flat rate priority box; larger orders will most likely fit in the medium flat rate box for $11.35. I accept paypal (use, cash, or personal checks (checks only if I know you personally, please).

**To place your order, contact me at**
(I will be updating remaining quantities as they sell.)

Goat Milk Soaps $3 each


Quantity: SOLD OUT

Pure and clean, scented simply with lemon and lavender essential oil. A good choice for sensitive skin or babies.


Quantity: SOLD OUT

Contains ground organic oats for light exfoliation, plus three different citrus essential oils. A great shower bar.


Quantity: SOLD OUT

Made with brewed Chai tea, this yummy almost-good-enough-to-eat bar is enhanced with cinnamon, clove, and anise essential oils. Ground cloves, cinnamon sticks, and Chai tea leaves add light exfoliation. A great shower bar.


Quantity: SOLD OUT

This two-toned bar is made with French green and rose clays, which make it a superb facial soap. Clays are known to draw impurities out of skin. It is scented with a combination of tart pink grapefruit and sweet basil essential oils.


Quantity: SOLD OUT

Lavender Oatmeal soap is always a favorite, and this time I've spiced it up with the addition of a spot of anise essential oil. Ground organic oats make this a great shower bar.


Quantity: SOLD OUT

One of my favorite cooking herbs has found its way into my soap. This one is chock full of herbes de Provence (a French herb blend containing primarily lavender, savory, basil, thyme, and fennel) and is enhanced by rosemary and lavender essential oils.

Quantity: SOLD OUT

One of my personal favorites, I keep this by the kitchen sink to remove the odor of garlic and onion from my hands. This soap contains Arabica coffee grounds which scrub hands and neutralize odors. Scented lightly with anise essential oil.

All Vegetable Oil Soaps
$3 each


Quantity: SOLD OUT

This bright and sunny soap contains a refreshing blend of three citrus essential oils, plus a splash of sweet peppermint to wake you up!


Quantity: SOLD OUT

Another favorite is soap made with Calendula petals (a variety of the Marigold flower). Calendula is superb for the complexion, but this makes a great shower bar, too. Contains sweet lemongrass essential oil.


Quantity: SOLD OUT

Seaweed is rich in minerals and vitamins, and exfoliates the skin without drying - not many soaps can make that claim. Tea Tree Oil is also naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral, helping troubled skin. Scented lightly with rosemary essential oil.


Quantity: SOLD OUT

Yes, a chocolate soap (but please don't eat it)! This soap gets its deep brown color from a good dose of unsweetened dark cocoa powder. Spiced with anise, sweet orange, and cinnamon essential oils. A rich and sweet experience. A great shower bar.


Quantity: SOLD OUT

Clean and herbal blend of peppermint and rosemary essential oils, plus garden rosemary and peppermint leaves added in for light exfoliation.


Quantity: SOLD OUT

Lastly, in honor of Emma's trip to Thailand, is this soap - scented richly with earthy lemongrass and sweet basil. Dried lemongrass adds light exfoliation. A great shower bar. 

Shea Butter Soaps
$3.50 each


Quantity: SOLD OUT

Rich shea butter, with sweet orange and clove essential oils.


Quantity: SOLD OUT

Rich shea butter, with lavender and peppermint essential oils.

Can't decide? Try a sample pack! I will surprise you with 8 different soaps in half-bar sizes to try.


Quantity: SOLD OUT

14 oz Mason Jar Candles
$12 each


My candles are made with 100% soy wax. They contain lead-free wicks, burning slow and clean. I have recently test burned these and each jar provides 80+ hours of burn time. They make great gifts for girlfriends' birthdays and are the perfect hostess gift. Of course, treat yourself to some, too. I can ship candles, too. I am offering four different scents - all uncolored. Candles can be shipped - up to 6 candles for $11.35 USPS Priority Mail (and if you buy soap, it can most likely ride for free with the candles). I am offering four different scents - all uncolored:

Vanilla Nut Spice

Nectarine Basil

Blackberry Sage
Pomegranate Pear 
**To place your order, contact me at**

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Erin @ Sassin Southern Style said...

I believe I have ordered soaps from each of your soap sales, I believe and I thought I was out months ago, until I found one in the linen closet in the bathroom. I could not have been more excited and really dread the idea of not using your soaps again. Do you have any plans to make more soaps in the future? Hope you're doing well!