Friday, April 27, 2012

E-Dub meets P-Dub

Yes, the Pioneer Woman's dreams came true.  She met the e-wife!



But seriously, she is the cutest thing.  Rich & I waited 3 hours in line at Vroman's in Pasadena for a book signing to meet her. She is so wildly popular!  

We were asked to put a little post-it on the opening page of her cookbook, saying who the book was to be written to.  I decided to put e-wife...   she asked who that was and I sheepishly said it's my blog moniker (I mean, how do you say you're a blogger to the PW.  You feel like an idiot.) She asked me how long I'd been blogging and what the name of my blog was... of course I know she ran right to her hotel and looked me up. :-)  Rich's parting words to her were, "I like what you do with butter."   She replied in her sweet voice, "Oh, thank you soooo much.  That means a lot to me."   I think she really meant it.

While we waited, Rich looked through her new cookbook and decided to try making her Oso Buco with risotto.  So, all in all, a successful evening! 

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Miller Family said...

Isn't she the best?! So genuine! Tracy and I had a blast when we went to meet her the last time she was in LA. Glad it was fun! :)