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My Dad's wedding reception - 50's style!

A few posts back, in late August, I announced that my dad had gotten remarried. Well, at the end of September, my sister Suzanne and I threw him and his new wife Mili a 50's style wedding reception at my house. We had about 125 guests -it was so much fun! We figured that since they met in high school in the 50's, they (and their friends) might enjoy a walk down memory lane. It was a really fun theme to go with.


Suzanne & I wanted to be in the true party spirit, so we got matching outfits! We didn't mind looking ridiculous - it was fun!


And here's a shot of Suzanne's family - the boys were such cute greasers. We didn't have any hair gel on hand so we used coconut oil! It did the trick. :-)


Rich even dug out his letterman's jacket. (How many of you know that Rich was a record holding swimmer back in his day? Yeah, quite the stud. Can you see the dates on his jacket?)



Stephanie and Lindsay looked great in their poodle skirts!



We set up a "photo op" for those who wanted a fun picture.


I think it was mostly the kids that had fun with it...






The bride and groom.


And some of us didn't really need a 'photo op' to ham it up. Love this pic of my sis - she's so fun.

The party started at 5:00 pm and we had Route 66 cater dinner. They showed up around 3:30 and started cooking tri tip, ribs, and chicken over a red oak wood fire barbecue. It smelled so good and the food tasted amazing. I highly recommend them- they exceeded my expectations in every way. They also served Caesar salad, mashed potatoes, creamed corn, and garlic bread which was all super delish. They were fantastic.


We set up the yard with round tables and bubble gum pink tablecloths. Our centerpieces were vintage glass sundae cups filled with Good 'n Plenty candies, which we put on top of an old 45 record. We tied helium balloon bouquets on, but they got blown around so much in the breeze that we had to cut them off right before dinner!


We served old fashioned sodas in bottles. Glad to find these and root beer in bottles at Smart and Final.


Inside the house, we set up a "Sweet Shoppe" with vintage candy for favors. I have always wanted to do this! Suzanne's son Austin made the darling sign for us.



We found some fun vintage candy jars at thrift stores.


Most of this vintage candy was easily found at Smart and Final. We did make a trip to Rocket Fizz in Burbank to supplement a bit, and to get some other old time candy to decorate with.



Dad and Mili liked the old time candies.


Austin also made us some adorable signs for our "diner desserts" buffet.


For dessert, we had pies and cakes which we served on our fabulous homemade cake stands.


The table looked awesome!




Suzanne and I did make some cakes so we could have a formal cake cutting. She made red velvet and I made carrot. We did them 3 layers each so they'd look like the tall diner cakes of old. We used this one for the cake cutting. Isn't it cute? My sister decorated it and I found some vintage decorations on ebay.


Mili arranged for a DJ to play 50's music and we turned our basketball court into an impromptu dance floor. The 70-something crowd were darling dancing to the songs of their day. Here my dad had a few words to say to all the guests. The DJ and his music really made the party special.



And I think the bride and groom had a few words for each other as well. :-)


Mili found the cutest dress to wear - aren't they so cute together?


And they had such a great time visiting with a lot of longtime friends.


The guests seemed to enjoy dinner. The weather couldn't have been nicer for an outdoor party.


After dinner, we had the cutting of the cake on the front porch.


It started off nice with Mili giving my dad a nice little bite of cake.



But then my dad decided to have a little fun. He looked at me and I gave him the thumbs up to DO IT! I think Mili knew it coming by the look in his eyes...




Yes, these are 70-ish aged people. Love it.


At least Mili was a really good sport!


We were so happy to be able to celebrate with our Dad.


Before the evening ended, Dad got a dance with his new wife. They danced to "At Last."


We love them and wish them many happy years together.

Photography credits go to the lovely Emma Leigh Harasick

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SSS said...

Shut the front door. This is adorable and how cute is Mili in that dress?! What wonderful daughters you and your sister are! =)

Miller Family said...

Loved this post! Such an adorable couple! You all looked so festive! Great ideas!

Anonymous said...

So happy for your Dad and Mili! What a blessing to find true love again later in life. Looks like you and Suzanne threw a fabulous surprise there. How lovely to be able to celebrate this special time in life with your dad. I always loved him and thought he was a great dad!! Love to you! Nancy (Berger)