Saturday, October 1, 2011

Inexpensive Fall Decorating Idea

I'm so excited that it's Fall! I made a trip to Trader Joe's yesterday for all kinds of pumpkins for my front porch and house, and today Rich unloaded my box of Fall decor from the attic. I'm so in the mood to decorate and bake anything and everything with pumpkin.:-) I think I went a little crazy as my pantry has about a dozen cans of pumpkin in it!

Last Saturday, my sister and I threw a very fun 50's style wedding reception for our dad and his new wife, Mili (I hope to blog on that as soon as I score the pictures from Emma). For dessert we wanted to serve diner-style cakes and pies on cake stands, but found that we didn't have enough between the two of us (we needed 12!). So, while thrift store shopping one day, we decided to make our own cake stands using candlesticks and plates. I think we spent about $10 for 7 cake stands! My sister took everything home and used a special glue made to adhere glass to glass to put them together. She said it took her about 5 minutes to do them all! Score! They turned out awesome.

And, the benefit of making them for the party was that we also got to keep them! I found a few cute ways to use them for easy and inexpensive Fall decor.


This tall one was actually made using a clear Pyrex pie plate. I love these adorable Sugar Pie pumpkins.


This stand is one of my favorites. We made two like this, so we each got one.


This larger one is perfect as a centerpiece for my dining room table. A great way to display my freshly made apple cider candle, too. Yum!


Other thrift store finds make cute pumpkin holders.


And of course, vintage glassware proves to be a great way to display the ridiculous amount of candy I buy at this time of year. I still get excited when I see these come into the store!


Rich's fave.


And ice cream sundae cups are perfect for M & M's. We used a dozen of these (all different ones from thrift stores) for the party table centerpieces. We filled them with Good 'n Plenty candies and used them to anchor our helium balloon bouquets. Now my sister and I will both have a set of charmingly mismatched sundae cups to use for serving dessert.

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Miller Family said...

Adorable ideas! I LOVE anything pumpkin too! My favorite season for sure! Now if the weather would just cooperate!