Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Paris to Pisa

I knew this would happen- no time to blog! Now that I'm sitting on a platform in Pisa, waiting for our train to Florence, I thought I'd catch up aa best as I can. Once we board, I have a planned nap, so we will see how far I get!

We concluded our time in Paris this morning. Our second and third days included many wonderful experiences, such as a trip up the Eiffel Tower at night, visits to the Louvre, Saint Chappell and Notre Dame, a climb to the top of L'Arc du Triumphe, as well as lots of wonderful strolls around the city. We indulged in many more croissants, pain au chocolat, and beignets! We even found a favorite patisserie, Paul, which we frequented on a daily basis after our bike tour guide introduced it to us. So delish! We had the kids try escargots, which they admitted were good! I will blog in more detail about our time in Paris when I can post pictures. Suffice it to say, we loved every minute. What a place! I loved speaking French and actually even started to think in French by the end of our time! It really is a must to have some ability to speak French in France. You don't see any signs in English, but most of the people that we came into contact with did speak English a little, and some restaurants listed their menu items in English below the French. We were sad to leave this enchanting place, but excited to see Italy!

Ok- note- we got on what we (and several other passengers) thought was the right train, and found some lovely seats- but some guy just entered the train and told us that this train wasn't going to move. Our train was about to leave in 4 minutes and we had no idea where it was. We dragged our luggage down a flight of steps and saw our train and jumped on. The train is full, with no seats left- there goes the hopes of my nap- so I guess I'll keep blogging! We are sitting on our suitcases on the platform between two enclosed cars looking really touristy. It's an hour to Florence. We've told that trains can be unpredictable in Italy.
So, backing up a bit, we took a flight from Paris to Pisa this morning, then checked our luggage at the train station in Pisa. We then walked through the town to the famous leaning tower. We stopped for some amazing gelato on the way... I had Nutella flavor- so good! We had a timed ticket to actually climb up the interior- what a trip!

I must take a moment to mention the perfect weather we've been having. As they say in Paris, "il fait beau" and it truly did! In Italy, it is more of the same. Sunny, breezy, and around 70 degrees. We ate dinner at a cafe last night at 9:30 pm and it wasn't even cold. We are most thankful for the added blessing the weather has been.

We will be in Florence for the next 3 nights. We don't have as much planned as we did in Paris, I think our only tickets are for the Uffuzi gallery. It will be nice to slow down the pace- the last few days have caught up to us all today. Looking forward to some nice Italian food tonight!


Miller Family said...

Sounds lovely!Well maybe not the train ride on sitting on the suitcase!!

Katherine said...

Je suis jalouse! I've been checking your blog after someone recently told me we receive the same box of produce and that you enjoy cooking. I was looking for some recipe ideas, and I find this! I'm so glad you are enjoying your family in such lovely places! Have a great time!