Saturday, April 16, 2011

Le premier jour

I woke this morning to a note in Rich's handwriting on the coffee table that read "gone quiche and croissant hunting." Moments later, the apartment door opened and Rich entered with a big bag and a bouquet of fresh flowers. He had 3 different kinds of quiche, croissants, beignets, and the most gorgeous strawberries. I don't know if it was because we are in Paris, or that I got to sit next to Drew as we ate, the actual food itself, or all three, but it will go down in history as one of my most favorite meals ever.

Last night was truly magical. We had dinner at a great little bistro, then came back to our apartment to freshen up (it had been almost 2 days since we showered last) and prepare to go meet Drew at the Eiffel tower. He had flown from Tel Aviv to Rome, then connected from Rome to Paris. He was then getting a cab to the Eiffel tower. We calculated that he would be there around 11:00 pm, and we vigilantly watched every cab that drove by to see if he was in it. Finally, we saw him- Stephanie ran to the cab and I just burst out in tears. After we all smothered him with hugs, we took pictures and walked back to the apartment. We all ate ice cream and talked until 1:00 am, then turned in. It felt like forever since I had laid down in a bed, having only about 3 hours sleep since we left home. It felt heavenly!

By the way, our apartment is amazing! It is in a great neighborhood, right on Rue Cler (a great place to shop and eat) in a charming building. There are six floors, with 2 apartments on each floor. A large spiral staircase is in the middle, and there is an elevator as well. The elevator is only for two people at a time- it is so small! You basically squeeze inside and pull closed a door that resembles a wooden baby gate and move slowly up. Kind of creepy, kind of fun. Our apartment is large- I estimate about 1200 sq. ft., with two bedrooms that each sleep two, plus a loft that sleeps two as well which is open and overlooks the living room, dining room,a kitchen and two bathrooms. The views are spectacular and the large windows swing fully open. We have several tiny balconies. It is perfect for us and is cheaper than what we would have paid for two hotel rooms. It really makes u's feel like we live here, whereas in a hotel setting you feel more like a visitor.

Well, today was in a word, perfect. After our lovely breakfast, we set out by bus to get an overview of the city. There really are no adequate words to describe how Paris makes you feel. It is, for one, the most beautiful place I have ever seen. It's like New York in a way, but a million times more beautiful, and with more charm than I could have ever imagined possible. I guess I would just have to say, we have all had our breath taken away by this city.

After our bus ride, we hit a small boulangerie for lunch, where we dined on heavenly sandwiches- mine was simply goat cheese, lettuce and tomato- but the goat cheese had the texture of Brie and the pungency of blue cheese. The baguette it came on would have been a fitting meal in itself, it was that good. We then made our way to our scheduled bike tour. We had a 4 hour private tour with a wonderful English speaking tour guide named Nicole. We biked all around the city, stopping periodically to hear her describe many points of interest. We also stopped at a patisserie for a lovely latte and some pain au chocolat. It was an amazing way to learn about the city. We all thoroughly enjoyed the tour and Nicole.

Now we are about to head out to a nice dinner at 9:30 pm- you eat late here!

I'm trying out a new blogger app only iPhone - hopefully the photo of our breakfast will load.

All for now- I'll try to keep up on our days here since we have wifi at the apartment!


Mrs. Dan said...

I loved Paris for all the reasons that you shared. Have a wonderful time!

Anonymous said...

It all looks beautiful and delicious from here! ;D

Mommy Roth said...

AMAZING!!!!! BTW loving the book you let me borrow, it's a little stiff from the water spill but still readable :)! Many hugs to you friend!!!! Enjoy the romance and beauty of the city and your delightful family!