Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ahhhh... Firenze

We arrived in Florence yesterday afternoon- our hotel is incredible! It's called Loggiato del Serviti, and it's actually a converted old monestery! It's not a large hotel - it appears that there are around 15 rooms- but our room is large- two stories! It has wood floors and area rugs, beautiful windows and canopy beds. The bathrooms are, well let's just say interesting. Let's just say they are much different than here. They have bidets, like our French bathrooms. It's disturbing to see a soap dish next to the bidet- don't want to even go there. Anyways, the most exciting thing so far is that we found out that Rick Steves is staying here right now. For those of you who have ever travelled to Europe, you will understand how thrilling that is(he is the leading expert on travel in Europe and has many travel guides and videos). We hoped ti bump into him at breakfast but the lazy Americans got there too late. Speaking of breakfast, it is included with our room, and was lovely. Best cappuccino of my life to date, warm croissants, yogurt, granola, fruit, prosciutto, cheese - all served on fine linen and very nice table settings. A breakfast like that would have set us back 50-60 euro (around $75). France was so expensive, and I can already see that Italy is much more reasonable. Dinner entrees at a Paris cafe (casual place) are around $15-18 euro, and at a nice ristorante last night here in Florence entrees were around 10. Our dinner last night was amazing!!!! Exactly what I imagined and dreamed about. We had appetizers of prosciutto and shaved parmigiano reggiano over arugula, an antipasti which included sundries tomatoes, artichoke hearts. Mushrooms, peppers, olives, etc. But please know none of them came out of a can or jar. We all ordered pasta of some sort and it was all fresh and housemade. I had risotto with artichokes, mamma Mia!!!

Well, off to explore Florence! It's a beautiful day!

Here is a shot out of our living room window in Florence!!! Pinch me.

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Anonymous said...

Ah, I am reliving being in Firenze as an arm chair traveler as I drink my Trader Joe's coffee and read your blog! Yes, Italy has the best cappuccino I have had to date. I can picture us in Italy and Mark saying, "Due cappuccini, per favore"! Lori