Thursday, March 11, 2010

My feline friends


Those who know me know that I am a total cat lover. We have four cats (yes, FOUR) and I would actually have more if my husband would let me and if I wouldn't be viewed as a freak for doing so. I do admit that I talk for my cats (in a special voice), but that's about as freaky as I get.


Today I was just snapping away with Jack and Fi-Fi, and I was so impressed with the work of my little point and shoot (just a little Canon Powershot SD850), that I decided to post a few pics of my little cuties. Here's Jack. He's mostly white with a big black spot on his back and a part tabby face. About as "mutt" as they come. I really like the lighting on his face and the little bit of fur sticking up on top of his ears.


This is Fi-Fi, he's the fat one. Does he not look like he can hardly move in the photo above? He weighs a whopping 18 pounds and underneath all that fluffy fur is a rock-solid gut. Jack has two modes: completely lovey-dovey or completely naughty. Fi-Fi has only one mode: completely lazy. In all fairness, he does get up several times a day to make the trek to the food dish. He walks very slowly and does not run. And, out of the four cats, he always knows when our family is sitting at the kitchen table eating and he is right there waiting for scraps. Jack, however, somehow always knows when someone is making their bed - he materializes out of nowhere to pounce all over the bed and make your job extremely difficult.


See the red leather chair that Fi-Fi is resting upon? The cats have literally clawed it to death. You wouldn't even buy it at a garage sale for $5, I promise you. I keep throw blankets all over it to hide the damage. I keep reminding myself that it's still functional, and not a complete waste of money. My vet told me that cats "don't like leather." Yah, right. And they don't like tuna, either.


Notice Fi-Fi's tongue as he licks Jack. They lick each other all the time....not sure why! Fi-Fi actually holds Jack down, and then they both purr loudly!

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