Monday, March 15, 2010

Sweet Whole and other stupid things


I find the title of these pickles to be a little humorous: Sweet Whole.

Sweet Whole what? Why did they deliberately decide to leave the word "pickles" out?

I can only imagine how funny it would be if someone from a foreign country was shopping at the grocery store and while trying to figure out what exactly "Sweet Whole" meant, actually took the title literally. It would be very funny to be offered a "Sweet Whole" or hear someone say, "Pass the Sweet Whole, please." I am wondering if some people actually think these are really called "Sweet Whole."

I just think that is really funny. And rather stupid. Why can't the label just say "pickles." I mean, really.

Speaking of stupid food, I most likely could have poisoned my entire family with something I whipped up recently. You see, I have some pots on a rack outside my back door. They currently have pink Impatiens growing in them, but at one time I had planted yellow Ranunculus in the same pots. Recently, I noticed some new foliage sprouting up, which looked like Italian Parsley. I figured it was just a volunteer from my backyard parsley plant. So, one day, I trimmed off a bunch of it, chopped it up and threw it into our dinner. A couple days later, I noticed a stem bursting upward from the foliage I had cut, and then a couple of days later a Ranunculus flower bloomed. I was horrified to realize that I served my family Ranunculus leaves and not parsley! Thankfully we had no ill effects. Duh!

Did I also mention that I ruined a boxed cake mix recently? Yes, truly I did. Don't ask how I did that. I just did.

Oh, and while on the subject of stupidity, I actually lost $40 cash the other day. I went for a "power walk" in Montrose last Monday, and didn't want to have to carry anything as I exercised. But, sometimes I like to stop at Coffee Bean or go to my favorite German deli at the end. So I stashed $40 in my pants (well, specifically, ahem, my undergarments). The only problem with this clever idea comes when one needs to use the restroom and forgets the aforementioned stash. I'll let you figure that one out. Goodbye $40! I was so bummed!! Then, the funny thing was, on Sunday, as we were walking to our car, Rich spotted $40 cash on the ground. I immediately thought, "Wow! The Lord is giving me back my lost money!" But then, Rich saw a guy in a car right next to the money and asked him if he had lost anything. He indeed got his money out and said he was missing $40! Oh well.

Just thought I'd share what's been going on with me!

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Hopefull said...

hey, my kids and I visited "your" German deli and the bakery next door last week. We were visiting the Glendale Forest Lawn for a history field trip and since we were so close to Montrose and I remembered your post on the deli...we had to stop. I was able to pick up a few items - apple sauce sausage and german fitness bread. Oh, and we shared a couple of sandwhiches ...yum! thanks!