Thursday, February 11, 2010

Whatever - Costco {again}

OK, so why do all my "whatevers" happen at Costco?

Yesterday, I was checking out with Drew, and I told the checker that I had two separate orders. I buy supplies for the Juniors ministry at Grace, and have to submit the original receipt for reimbursement. So, that means I need to get a separate receipt to turn in. More often than not when I am at Costco I have my (giant) load along with a smaller order that contains cookies, candy, and paper goods for the ministry. And, until this day it had never been a problem.

When I told the checker that I had two separate orders, she replied, "Oh, we no longer allow members to do that. We will only ring one order on the same membership card."


OK, so here's what the pop-off in me would have said: "You're kidding! You really won't ring up two orders? You want me to not buy the second order. You actually want me to put it all back on the shelf and you don't want my money? What if I leave my second order here, go out the door and leave, and then come back in, would that be considered a new order and not a second order?"

Thankfully, the spirit-filled side of me took over and kept that response from leaving my mouth.

Instead, I conversed with the checker in a nice tone of voice about the reason why I needed two receipts. She called over her supervisor who looked at my membership card. I'm thinking, I'm an "executive" member, she's gonna say that it's no problem. But instead, she gave me the same answer. "Sorry, we can only ring one order."

I plead a little more, telling her I do it all the time, telling her there is no one behind me in line to hold up, and can't she just ring up the two items I have in the second order? (Excuse me, but am I mistaken, or is it that I'm trying to give them money.) She just won't budge. Then I have no choice but to say, "I guess I'll just have to do my shopping for my church supplies elsewhere, if you really won't let me buy this second order."

That did it. The manager then reluctantly said, "Well, I can let you do it just this one time." But next time, she said, it would be NO (assuming I get her again at the checkout, or was she going to warn everyone about me and my tactics?).

So I won. Sort of.

Now I have to decide if I want to have this conversation every time I go to Costco, or just stop by Smart and Final instead. Smart and Final is looking good to me.

OH, but wait, there's more!!

I had a couple of coupons I had forgotten to use the last time I went to Costco, so I brought them in with my receipt so I could get an adjustment. When it was my turn in the customer service line, the girl looked at my receipt in a puzzled way and said, "What Costco did you buy this stuff at?" (Nevermind that the top of the receipt clearly said "Costco Burbank"). Then she proceeds to tell me that she cannot do the adjustment because I have to take the coupons to the Costco I purchased the items at (I was at the Santa Clarita one last night). She mumbled something about 'inventory' problems and how she couldn't do it. Puleez! I have returned things to different locations of companies and never had a problem. And essentially that is what you are doing to get an adjustment - you are returning the item and buying it back with the coupon. What a scam!!! Costco is a corporation, for crying out loud. She just didn't want to take a loss on her books, that's all. I've worked retail, and I know that it isn't fun to take a loss when someone returns an item to you that they bought at another branch of your store, but you gotta do it. The customer is entitled to it. I complied, but once I thought about it, I realized that she was giving me a line.

But what can you do when Costco won't give you money you're entitled to, or take your money to buy something they are selling?

You can only say....


***UPDATE 2/19***

So, I went to Costco Santa Clarita again this afternoon to pick up Drew's new glasses and decided to get a few items while I was there. It just so happened that I needed to buy snacks for Juniors at church, so being my feisty self I decided to see what would happen if I tried to do separate orders again. Rich was with me, and I promised him it would be no trouble because he was with me (what is it about a woman alone that is sure prey?). So, a guy is checking, and I say to him, "I have two separate orders." His reply, "Do you have a divider between them?" "Yes." End of story. No "this isn't our policy..." No "Let me get the manager for you...." Nothing. He checked me out with both orders and told me to have a nice day. I was thinking I should probably nark on him for violating policy, but then I figured that probably wasn't in my best interest.


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Suzi said...

Oh Karen haha, made me laugh!

Mrs. Dan said...

I don't know what has gotten into Costco these days, but they don't seem to act like they want business anymore. :)