Wednesday, February 10, 2010

WDW - Mocha Ice Cream Terrine for Valentine's Day


I got this gem of a recipe from Amy Finley, winner of The Next Food Network Star a couple seasons ago. She won, then suddlenly realized that being a Food Network Star sort of interfered with her family life and promptly dropped out. Good for her, but could she not have thought of that before she tried out? In my opinion, she stole Rory's win (my pick), and then threw it away. But hey, I'm not bitter. I managed to catch this recipe the one season her show was aired, so I'd say the air is cleared between Amy and me.

I love this recipe because it's conceptual; you can take the basic idea and do anything you want with it. I really like Amy's choice of ingredients, though, because the flavors she chose are so complimentary to one another, plus she adds another one of my favorite things - chocolate covered espresso beans! If they would only make those little morsels decaf, though.... well I guess it's just as good that I stay away from them. Anyways, this recipe is super easy and presents itself spectacularly. You simply layer and freeze different flavors of ice cream in a loaf pan, and sandwiched in between each layer is a sprinkling of the crushed chocolate espresso beans. When it is finished, you pop it out, and cut into beautiful slices which feature a stripe of every flavor and a yummy crunch and burst of intense chocolate/coffee from the beans. You can simply serve it over a drizzle of chocolate sauce, or use it as an accompaniment to cake.

I am serving this terrine at a Valentine's Day dessert for 8 couples, along with two kinds of cupcakes (Red Velvet and Coconut) and chocolate-dipped strawberries. I love food you can do in advance - it leaves me time on the day of the party to get the house ready and be a relaxed hostess. Tip - I even baked and froze the cupcakes ahead of time so on party day all I need to do is frost them, and dip the strawberries. Easy!

Mocha Ice Cream Terrine
Amy Finley

1 pint premium vanilla ice cream, softened
1 pint premium coffee ice cream, softened
1 pint premium chocolate ice cream, softened
8 ozs. chocolate covered espresso beans, finely chopped

Overlap 2 (18” long) sheets of plastic wrap at their centers, forming a cross. Use the plastic wrap to line the long and short sides of a metal 9 x 5 loaf pan, letting the excess hang over the sides. Empty the softened vanilla ice cream into the loaf pan and smooth into a level layer, using the back of a spoon. Sprinkle with 1/3 of the chopped espresso beans. Return to the freezer until firm, at least a half hour.

Remove pan from freezer and smooth a layer of coffee ice cream over the vanilla ice cream and espresso beans layer. Return to freezer until firm. Repeat with chocolate ice cream layer and remaining third of espresso beans. Fold over the excess plastic wrap to enclose the terrine and return to the freezer until very firm, at least a couple of hours.

To serve, remove the terrine from the freezer and unmold onto a chilled platter, peeling away and discarding plastic wrap. Cut into slices with a knife dipped in warm water and wiped clean after each slice. Serve over a bed of chocolate sauce, if desired.

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I cant make ice cream for the life of me so can i just come over and eat it all at your house?