Monday, July 20, 2009

The Boy is 18


Drew as you'll usually find him!

18 years ago, on July 19th, a big, fat baby with a full head of hair entered the world. I got to the hospital just in time as this boy was coming fast. That should have been a warning! We named him Andrew Scott, but he immediately became Drew.

Surprisingly, after his forceful entry, Drew turned out to be a late talking, late walking, slow eating, super cuddly little guy. But a streak of independence and fearlessness was ever present. When he was about 3, he walked into the kitchen and dumped his beloved tattered blankie into the trash and walked away without saying a word. Shocked, I asked him what he was doing. He simply replied, it was ripped and therefore he no longer needed it. That was that, and ended up to be how he gave up his blankie. I, of course, retrieved it from the trash and saved it - not going to let that keepsake go so easily! By the way, he's still pretty independent and fearless - a recent quote on our camping trip to Yosemite was, "Mom, would you let me RUN up Half Dome?" 'Nuff said.

I have fond memories of him as a toddler walking around in cowboy boots, jeans but no shirt (with his fat belly hanging out) a belt and holster holding his two cap guns. Always a big grin on his face and making shooting noises. He loved his Davey Crockett coon skin hat and watched that Disney video endlessly with it on, clenching his guns. He was tough but also had an extensive stuffed animal collection at the same time.

He handled Brady's illness and death like a man, and was very brave. I distinctly remember praying about the sensitive issue of Drew being alone in his room after sharing it with Brady for his whole life (he was 12 when Brady died). Drew was very strong. He was open to our suggestion of a new furniture arrangement but wasn't afraid to keep his brother's belongings and did not fear being alone in the room. He, by his strength, helped me get through a very tough situation.

He's still pretty much the same. Laid back but a go-getter at the same time. Very masculine and fearless...but a sensitive side as well. I can count on him and trust him in any situation. Now that he just turned 18, I am excited to see what lies ahead. He is going to be moving out in a few weeks to the dorms at the Master's College. I know he is ready for this new challenge in his life, but I am going to miss his everyday presence. He grew up way too fast for me. I am very proud of him, but know there is still much God is doing in his life. I have to accept that my influence and training is starting to wind down and he is going to be more on his own. So, I commit him trustingly to God's care and the Holy Spirit's work. OK, major tears here as I write!

Here are a few shots from his birthday - donut breakfast "birthday cake" and dinner at Bob's with the Tubbs after church Sunday night. It kills me that he never orders the Big Boy combo - he always gets spaghetti with chili!

I love my Drewey!


Tubbs and Harasick kids... and Bob of course!


"Two icons "

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Nancy said...

Happy belated birthday, Drew (I'll refrain from calling you Drewey.) You made me cry, Karen, and he's not even my boy!