Thursday, January 22, 2009

Surprise from Canon

A few posts back, I blogged about how happy I was that Canon was going to fix my broken camera for free. I was astounded at how well the company handled this. They sent me a free shipping label so I could send the camera back to them, and in as little as a few weeks time, they completed the transaction. I was so excited to get my little Powershot back.

So today, I received the package, with a letter that stated:

"Thank you for trusting Canon with your repair needs. Due to the lack of essential components at our repair facility, and in order to expedite your repair, we have exchanged your original equipment with a new or factory reconditioned replacement model of equal or greater value."

What this amounts to is they sent me what appears to be a BRAND NEW CAMERA. Not just a brand new camera, but one that is the most current model. Emma checked and discovered that said camera is worth over TWICE as much as what I paid for mine 5+ years ago. User manual, new battery and charger, the whole she-bang. BNIB, baby (that's ebay speak for brand new in box).

Wow, how's that for a deal?

This just may make Emma a Canon girl!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Seriously?!?!? That's incredible... Hmmmmmmmmmmmm

Suzanne DeShong said...

WOW! Whadda deal! Maybe you will be taking more pictures than Emma now...well......