Saturday, December 27, 2008

Whatever: Costco - Again!

Wow, who would believe that I could get two good whatevers on back to back Costco visits.

Today, I needed to go to pick up some "Happy Birthday Jesus" cakes for the Juniors' Christmas party tomorrow. I spyed three big cakes in Red & Green motif that already said "Happy Birthday" and all I had to do was ask the girl to add "Jesus" on them (beats pre-ordering!). It was kind of funny when I picked them up- the guy next to me saw them and exclaimed, "Wow, there must be a big party!" Hee hee. I forgot "Jesus" is a popular hispanic name as well.

So, I decided to get some fresh produce while I was there, as we were down to just three cuties tangerines at home. I wanted to get a bag of pears, but the two boxes on top had a lot of smooshed and spoiled ones. I knew I would need some help getting some from the boxes below. There was a produce guy nearby, and here's how the encounter went:

Me: Excuse me, but these pears are not good - could you remove the top boxes so I can get some from below?

Him: (looks at pears and then at boxes). In a very monotone voice, "No, the boxes are too heavy."

He then walks away.

I kid you not.

Me: Excuse me - I would really like to buy some of your pears (guess I didn't make that clear enough before). Is there a way I can get some?

Him: Comes back, sighs very loudly, then grabs the top box and throws it violently to the floor. (Other customers are stopping and looking). He then grabs the second box, and throws it to the floor as well. He then walks away again, but this time he was sure to give me a look to let me know he was very unpleased with me.

Which leaves me to wonder: Why I am so doggone irritating to people at Costco?

I know! Maybe people are irritated because all those wonderful samples are everywhere and they can't have any. You think?

And while on the subject of samples, I must admit that today I ate a bite of pork tamale and chicken ravioli. But, I assure you I did NOT block the aisle taking my sample.


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