Thursday, October 2, 2008

Update on the washer...

(see my post below if this seems confusing...)

Scary! There wasn't a thing wrong with my new dryer - it was the ducting. It was not working properly and is a MAJOR fire hazard. The repairman told me that 90% of house fires are caused by my ducting situation. So, PRAISE THE LORD! I'm sorry that it's something my husband will have to climb under the house and fix this Saturday....but I am so thankful that our house didn't burn down! WOW.

The repairman was very helpful...he told me not to use Costco "he" (high efficiency) laundry detergent - that it's not really "he" and it can break your washer (may have explained my last washer problem - I've been using that brand for years.) . He told me to use All brand instead. So, if you have a front loader, take heed. He also told me the importance of using those little cleaning tablets once a month- you can get them at Sears - otherwise your "he" detergent doesn't get broken down and can cause major problems. This man repairs these machines and seems to know what helps them have less breakdowns. Lastly, he told me to get the longest warranty I can get my hands on - so many things can break and the cheapest thing to fix would be over $200.

He also told me, based on what he repairs, his opinion on the best brands for appliances.

Dishwasher: Whirlpool and some Maytags (because Whirlpool makes Maytag now)
Refrigerator: Frigidare
Stove/Microwave: GE Profile
Washer/Dryer: Whirlpool

Well, they just don't "make 'em like they used to." These new appliances sure can look stylish, but as we all know, looks aren't everything!

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