Thursday, October 9, 2008


Our family went to go see the new movie Fireproof Tuesday night. This is the 3rd feature film from Sherwood Pictures (a ministry of a baptist church in Georgia) and the new Kirk Cameron movie. Not that I'm one of those diehard drooling K.C. fans leftover from the 1980s, but Kirk is an evangelical Christian that attends our church frequently. A friend of mine highly recommended it, so we took the fam down to the Americana in Glendale. It's not showing in that many theaters.

First off, let me say that I really enjoyed the movie. Actually, all of us did. I honestly cannot believe that a movie like this could make it to the big screen - especially with its clear and bold Christian message. It's actually heading for #4 in the box office this coming weekend and Yahoo movies gives it an "A"! It does have that low-budget feel (it was made for only $500,000 with an all volunteer crew and cast). It feels like a slight notch above a Hallmark channel movie, but nevertheless, I'm glad people will be seeing it. I heard in an interview where the directors responded to criticism that the movie could never win an award, that they said that wasn't even their goal at all. They just wanted to get the message across. Some of the acting left something to be desired, but Kirk Cameron was excellent. But the cutest part is the fact that Kirk refused to kiss the woman who played his wife in the movie, so his real wife, Chelsea, stood in for her in a scene. Awww, that's just so cute, not to mention a great stand to take. He said he pledged to his wife he would never kiss another woman, on screen or off. For more about that,
click here. Right on, Kirk!

I think one of the best parts of the movie was to be able to sit back, relax, and not worry about what you are going to see (of course, I mean, once the previews are over. We saw the absolute worst ones ever). I would say this is a great movie for ages 13 and up - it's clean but it has a mature theme. I was really glad that we took our kids - I thought it had a great message.

So, whether you wait for this to come to pay-per-view or opt to see it in the theaters, I really do think it's a don't miss. With so much out there that is SO bad, this is a breath of fresh air. This would make a GREAT date night!

To watch the trailer,
click here.

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