Thursday, July 24, 2008

Whatever: "Kitty" Anxiety Attack

He looks relaxed, but behind those sultry eyes is a very dysfunctional being.

Fiyero, known as Fi-Fi or Confit, our somewhat large Maine Coon cat, went in to the vet Wednesday afternoon for some routine vaccinations. Later that evening after returning from dinner out, we noticed something was very wrong with him. He was breathing very shallow and quick, his back was experiencing spasms, he was licking his paws profusely, and was extremely irritated. He would lay down in one spot for 30 seconds and then meow and move to a new position, as if he couldn't get comfortable. He wouldn't let anyone come near him and was even hissing. I immediately thought of our dog, Olive, who had a bad reaction to a rabies shot once, and thought that this must be the case. We gave Olive a benadryl hidden in a chunk of cheese and she was good as new, but how do you administer a benadryl to a freaked out cat? I really didn't want to drive a half hour to the after-hours pet hospital at 10:30 pm, so, we just let him be. When I checked him in the middle of the night, he seemed slightly better. In the morning I decided to call the vet and have a look-see.

The vet said it was highly unlikely that he was having a reaction to the vaccines, since these were all boosters of vaccines he had already had with no reaction. After thoroughly checking Fi-Fi out, he concluded that he basically had an anxiety attack from going to the vet. I tried hard not to laugh as he seriously described his condition. An anxiety attack. OK, so I spent $30 to find out that my cat has anxiety. What do you do with that?



Nancy said...

OK, you seriously made me laugh with that one!

Dave and Suzanne said...

Whatever......that just cracks me up. Poor Kitty! He was just so stressed out.....