Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Whatever: Now it's a "Kitty" Upper Respiratory Infection

OK, so it just keeps getting more ridiculous. After getting over his so-called "anxiety attack," Fi-Fi developed a sniffly nose and began sneezing up a storm. When he sneezes it sounds like a person, it is so loud. And you can just hear the snot flying out of his nose. You do not want to be remotely close to this cat when he sneezes.

So, I waited about 3 days, then I started to get concerned so I checked the internet and found out that with his symptoms he could have an infection. So, I took him in to the vet today. Sure enough, he had a 103.5 fever, and was diagnosed with an "upper respiratory infection." Now, I get the pleasure of giving him antihistimine pills and liquid Amoxiccillin twice a day for 10 SOLID DAYS. Ugh. I'm not even going to mention how much this cost.

Incidentally, if you're curious as to how a cat would catch such an infection, let me inform you. Why, my research tells me that the usual cause is germs that they pick up after a visit to the vet's office. Nice.

Or, shall I say, whatever.

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