Saturday, February 24, 2007

Pottery Barn... Shmottery Barn

For years I have had my eye on a table and chairs set for the breakfast nook from Pottery Barn, called Aris. Of course, it never goes on sale, and would set me back about $1700 without tax and shipping. A bit steep for a table which I have now come to find out is made of “veneer over fiberboard” - Yikes!

We looked around and couldn’t find a comparable set. So, we set out to find something unfinished and finish it ourselves. We found a great deal on a hardwood table and four chairs (with cushions) on sale for less than $600 at our favorite unfinished furniture store, which was starting a “going out of business” sale the day we came in. We bought ourselves some black paint and varnish and the ever talented Rich produced the beautiful results you see in the photo below. We even had some leftover black and cream toile fabric from when the kitchen Roman blinds were made many years ago, so we recovered the seats to match. Is that cute or what?

This story has a somewhat sad ending, as getting this new table means saying goodbye to our old rickety heirloom table and chairs that were from my grandparents. My grandma gave me the set when she moved to an assisted living residence about 12 years ago. She said she specifically wanted me to have it because as a small child I had always admired it. My grandfather had acquired it from a client years ago – I believe he traded new, unfinished furniture to a man in exchange for this set. I know my grandmother prized it. I estimate it is about 75+ years old, I know my dad ate off of it as a child, and he is in his mid-60’s. Our family gave it a good amount of use, and now it is in great need of T.L.C. It will go into the garage rafters until I can find it a good home. As much as I hate to ask Rich to store it in “his” garage, I’m just too sentimental about it to drop it off at the Goodwill.

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