Friday, March 16, 2007

Where have we been?

It's been awhile since our last post, and we've been quite busy. It all started with three little boys for the weekend the first weekend in March (here's why), immediately followed by the Shepherds' Conference, followed by the Krueger girls while little Sonja had surgery, followed by Disneyland until 11 pm yesterday. And sandwiched in between that all was Drew's All-Stars Basketball tournament, which is still demanding every evening of our week with either a practice or a game. Today, we are catching our breath only slightly, before our bible study reunion dinner, here tomorrow night. Drew plays his next game the same night, right smack in the middle of our dinner party, so Papa will be taking Drew to the big game and we will have to miss.

The Shepherds' Conference was super! Rich got to attend the conference - a real treat for him. Emma got to help out with registration, and Drew was basically on full time facilities duty every day. I got to work at the Concierge for 4 hours each day, which is a joy. It would be pure fun just to get to visit with the other ladies I serve with, not to mention the great pleasure of serving the conference men. We had a busy week, ending with dinner here for Ted Bigelow and his men, along with the Hoyers. On Sunday, we got to attend a dinner for the Carey & Pam Hardy at the Devaney's. For some great photos of the conference, click here. For some great commentary on the week by Tim Challies, click here. Tim really makes you feel like you were there. He is an excellent blogger.

The rest of March is filled as well. We head out to the desert on the 23rd to camp and ride the new dirt bike. One night this week, when Emma and I were out, Rich and Drew snuck out and bought new boots. The helmets have arrived by mail, and the boys are all set.

I'm looking forward to April because the calendar is less filled. I get weary of the busyness. I don't like to have every minute filled, jumping from one thing to the next. And, with the weather so nice these past few weeks, I start to long for a reading time out in the sun, not running around busy! I am currently savoring More Love to Thee, by Sharon James, a biography on author and hymn writer Elizabeth Prentiss. One of my favorite books is Prentiss' Stepping Heavenward, so it is a delight to read about her life, which includes many of her journal entries and letters she wrote.

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