Monday, January 15, 2007

Meet the Family - Drew

Welcome to a synopsis of Drew.

He was born Andrew Scott Harasick in July 1991. His first nickname was Andrew Snott because of his chronic runny nose. He then went on to be called Ood-iss, Drew-fish, and Drewey. Of course, he would not like to be called any of these nowadays so if you really want to embarrass him, you know what to do. He was the snuggliest toddler you ever did meet, but getting a good night kiss from him these days is a major ordeal.

Above you'll find some of my favorite photos of the boy. On the left, is him Skim boarding in Carpinteria. Top right, here he is dressed up for 70's Roller Disco night through High School Group. Cool afro wig. Bottom right, he is shown with Rebekah Brooks in Yosemite, a couple of months after her adoption from Haiti. That photo just melts my heart!

Drew's about 5'10 1/2" and weighs about 140 lbs. It's really nice to weigh about the same as your kid, especially when he is about 7" taller. I eat lots of veggies and whole grains, have nonfat lattes, exercise and do weight training. He eats chips & cheese sauce, washes it down with soda, and plays video games for exercise. Nice.

One thing you gotta know about Drew is that he's a pretty funny guy. His father and I are still in the process of training him that certain things he thinks are funny are not funny to the general public or to us. But he still keeps us in stitches.

Right now the big thing in his life is getting his driver's permit. He tests this Friday. He has already been behind the wheel in driver's training, and thinks of himself as a good driver. Since he completed his driver's education course, he has been liberal in pointing out to me all my driving errors... in a most respectful manner, of course.

Some things that Drew enjoys are: video games, skim boarding, dirt bike riding, basketball, air softing, white bread, white flour pancakes, white flour tortillas, and any food devoid of nutritional value.

I love him with all my heart!

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Dave and Suzanne said...

We love Drew! He is such a crack up. My boys especially love being slapped upside the head by him, and playing "Halo". And they love it when he gives them candy and pays them for no reason!!!
I sure miss the little diapered Drew, but the grown up Drew is just as fun. As long as I don't try to kiss him. Although I was his "favorite Auntie" and I thought he would kiss me the day I drove him to the store to buy him his Nintendo DS Lite!!!! And cans of cheese sauce score big with him, too.....