Monday, January 15, 2007

A little about Emma.....


Since my mom is doing these "about the family" posts.....I thought I should do my own! My name is Emma Leigh Harasick and I'm 13 1/2 as of Christmas Day. I recently got braces and I am still getting used to them! As I'm sitting here, there's a wire poking me! Hehe.....hopefully it will all be worth it in the end. I only have to wear them for 12-18 months, so, that's kinda nice. Above is a picture of my best friend Kaitlyn Guyle and myself at Disneyland. (I'm on the left) That's one of my favorite places to go. We have so much fun. Our family and theirs have year passes, so- we get to go about once a month! When we're there, we get to go off by ourselves, which is such a blast. We have our little "tradition"....when we're there, we always get a soft pretzel with cheese sauce. And once we're done, we go back and buy an extra cheese sauce and just eat it plain. No joke, it's probably one of the best foods (I hope there's cheese sauce in Heaven). We've been best friends for about 6 or 7 years, and we've had sooo many laughs about Jennifer Jane (no....I'm not telling what that's about), DAVE!!, and "smart one". hehe.....
Well, I guess I'll tell you all a little about myself- I'll do that by doing a little list about my likes and dislikes:
-hanging out with Kaitlyn, or any of my
friends (JJ's 4ever!)
-getting a hair cut (there's
just something about
-eating my mom's corn chowder...
its the best around
-doing make-up
on myself or others
-going shopping at the mall
or online
-Going to our church
(Grace Community),
going to our Junior High
ministry (Xchange)
- reading
- watching old movies-or new-
just anything romantic!!
-babysitting.....i currently babysit
for the Hoyers, and maybe the Crawford
-driving a go-cart!! Whoo!
-Scooping our "poo-poo" hut
(you do not want to be in the room
when i do it! It's horrible)
-studying for a history test
-doing the dishwasher, and when
there's food left over from the day before and
its just sitting in the sink, and i have to wash it out-
I'm probably going to throw up one of these days!
-cleaning the bathrooms
-waking up in the morning (before 7 am)
-hiking (taking a walk is fine)....I have no idea
how people do that for's beyond comprehension.
Well, there's a little about myself. I hope you didn't fall alseep....I'm still learning how to make these things funny!
More later.....
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Dave and Suzanne said...

Emma is my "seetheart"! I love it when she does my makeup and keeps me up until all hours of the night when I sleep over! We have so much fun together! I just love her to death. And there's nothin' like your 13 year old niece exceeding your height when she was 11!!! I can't wait to continue to watch her grow up into an amazing young woman! And no, Emma, I will not have another baby just for you.....!!! DAVE!!!!

Kaitlyn said...

Who is that amazingly gorgeous girl sitting by Emma?? oh wait, that's me! hehehe j/k well i love our lil' <--(sandra lee)- tradition....w/ the pretzels and, dont forget extra cheese sauce!!!!!!!!! ahh my mouth is watering! lol okey dokey my friend! love ya!