Sunday, January 14, 2007

"The Porch"

Before continuing with our Meet the Family posts, I thought it best to go off on a little tangent regarding "The Porch" as referred to on the last post about Rich. The top photo above shows the "before" photo in mid-2005, and the bottom photo was taken today. If you click on the photos, they will supersize.

As you can see by the before photo, we had a small little porch with decaying posts and a small little roof over it all. Not even enough room for a single rocking chair. My favorite feature was the non-working if anyone would ring it anyways even if it did work. You would never want to stand on that porch unless you are the type of person who enjoys spiders dangling overhead. When we put in our grass, we purposely left an area unlandscaped for the project that we would fondly come to know as "the porch.''

However, right when Rich was about to begin the project, the sewer line from our master bath to the main collapsed. After receiving repair quotes from plumbers equal to the budget of our entire porch, Rich decided to "do it himself." This is because, in his own words, "I am too cheap and I know I can do it."

Rich had no idea how much fun this would be. The job included him crawling under the house with a jack hammer to bust a hole through the house foundation. You can be sure he wore his special orange jumpsuit for this. It's pretty gross down there with all the rat corpses.

This plumbing work actually turned out to be a huge blessing in disguise, because as we later learned the foundation of the porch would have required re-aligning the sewer pipe anyhow. The work was much easier to do without the porch being there!

Rich then demo-ed the existing porch and roof, and dug for the footings with a mini backhoe and bobcat (i.e. big boy play toys). This created a massive pile of debris which was dumped by the garage. We were rewarded by leaving it there until springtime when it sort of became its own little weed garden. Quite lovely (Not! It's gone now).

The next step was pouring a concrete foundation and stem wall. Then, Rich framed the floor joists and laid down the IPE floor (which is a Brazilian hardwood similar to Mahogany). So, as Rich reminds us, the porch is actually built (It's the rest that needs to be done).

Then came the summer hiatus. Too much camping, too much hot weather. Project on hold.

Happily, the project is now being resumed. As you can see from the current photo, the stucco has been removed and the next step is the wiring and insulation. Then, siding will be installed. Rich just ordered the siding this past weekend, which means we are making progress!

For those of you who found this essay on the porch tantillizing, you will be glad to know that I will be doing frequent updates of the porch right here on the blog. Pretty exciting, I know. Bet you can hardly wait for the next one.

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Dave and Suzanne said...

The porch will be beautiful someday! I picture myself sitting there with Karen drinking coffee and rocking in the the time it's finished I may need some knitting, too! Just kidding!