Thursday, March 27, 2014

What's up?

A dear friend pointed out that it's been a little quiet on the blog front.  

Life has been busy and fun!  

Here's a little bit of life in pictures for the past couple months.


In February, we were treated to an incredible Chinese feast by our friend Albert's mom, Theresa.  And nothing better than watching this little one savor every bite of her Ah-ma's cooking!

Homemade dumplings were to die for!!  "Can I eat now?"  I could eat HER- so cute!!!


A group of gals managed to surprise our friend Roxane on her 50th! (Wendy & Rox at Marston's, Feb. 12th)


Tiffany earrings from friends help make 50 GREAT!!!
Our mantra is "50 is the new 40"  -- Agreed?


Then it wasn't much longer after that, that we surprised Wendy on her 50th!


Daughter Whitney pulled off a fun-filled evening



All the lovely Bates women:
Brooke, Cheryl, Delphine, Sierra, Whitney, Andee, Wendy, McKinley, & Olive


Longtime friends getting a bit crazy -- me, Cheryl, Susan, Wendy, Kari, Rox, Patty


We had a great week of Shepherds' Conference.
What a blast hosting the Schroeder's and their 3 adorable boys!


Loved spending time with this sweet friend and awesome mom!


Is this not the SQUISHIEST baby ever??  I fell hard in love with this little punkin!


So happy to work a shift at the concierge with one of my favorite people-- Meredith!
Nice shades, friend!  :-)


And of course, I had to get a photo with my "twin" Wendy  :-)
We confused everyone all week.

It was a joy to go to our dear friends' daughter's wedding.  Ali and Brady were born 10 days apart and spent much of their childhoods together.   She was a beautiful and happy bride!  Awesome venue at the Oviatt building downtown, and a great time fellowshiping with longtime friends.

 Though the circumstances weren't the happiest (their dad's memorial), it was a special joy to be reunited in San Diego with our childhood friends, the Blooms.   Our families were very close and these guys were like siblings to us growing up.   Don't we even look related?  :-)  Lots of stories and memories contained in this group!   I don't think the five of us have taken a photo together as adults.  What a sweet family and a precious memorial to a wonderful husband, father, and grandfather.

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Miller Family said...

Good to hear from you! :) Glad all is well. Hope we can see each other sometime soon! We still have a candle/soap class to do!