Friday, February 14, 2014

I {heart} Pinterest

I really love Pinterest.  
It's such a great resource, and I find it to be an amazing way to organize recipes you want to try.  
Since I like to try at least one new recipe a week, I often just pin away to my heart's content, and come back later to choose something to make.  
Lately I have had great success with the following recipes:

Local blog readers -- have you ever had the lavender shortbread cookie at Sweetsalt in Toluca Lake?  OH.MY.WORD. It was love at first bite for me and I've been on a quest for the recipe ever since I tasted it.  Today I tried this recipe and it was VERY easy and successful (not quite as good, but very good!).  I got a big bag of lavender buds on Amazon for a good price.  There are many uses for them, like lavender lemonade or other baked goods.  I also put them into my homemade soap. 

Is there anything better than a latte and the perfect cookie? Ahh.  This cookie fits the bill.
I love it's rustic look, too.

So this recipe is also pretty amazing. 
A little time consuming to make, but well worth it.
Don't you love it when cookies bake up big and beautiful like this?
After tasting brown butter cookies in Cayucos, 
I've been kind of smitten by things made with brown butter. 
Try these Nutella-Stuffed Browned Butter Chocolate Chip cookies and you'll be glad you did.

One of my favorite things is waking up to a warm crock pot full of oatmeal.
This one has pears and spices which makes it sweet and delicious. I subbed in coconut sugar for the brown sugar and used homemade almond milk for the milk.

Did you know leftover cooked oatmeal is amazing in pancakes?
I love this recipe that I tried.
I used half sprouted wheat flour/half AP flour.
I cooled them and froze extras in between sheets of waxed paper. 
Just pop them in the toaster to thaw/rewarm.  They taste great.

This recipe for Roasted Veggie Quinoa Bowls with ginger peanut sauce 
was the winner-winner though!

This humble meatless entree looks very boring, but man was it TASTY!
We've been growing snow peas in the garden and they really make this dish.
It took less than a half hour to prep and get this to the table (LOVE that).
Faster than you can get a pizza delivered and much healthier!
The veggies roast and the quinoa cooks while you prepare the INCREDIBLE SAUCE.
You could add chicken, shrimp, or salmon to this dish -- but it really doesn't need it.
Leftovers are quite desirable.  Consider doubling!
This is going to be a regular in our line up for sure!

Up next to try...

Martha Stewart's French Macarons*

*Not to be confused with, nor pronounced like macaroons.
Click here to be enlightened on the subject.
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