Monday, July 9, 2012

She's back!

I realized I had not posted of Emma's return from Thailand!  We happily received her at LAX on the afternoon of Thursday, June 28th.  Nick and Kait were able to join us and we were all SO excited to see her!  Ahhh... so wonderful to see her beautiful face!  I was overwhelmed by God's protection over her and the blessing of good health that I could see, even after 46 straight hours of travel.  We brought Team Thailand to In-n-Out burger to blast them back into American culture, and then back to Master's College where they would spend the night and debrief the following day. 


Here she is seeing her daddy.   I kind of lost it right then.  :-)
And no, that is not her luggage on the left ...ha ha!

 These two were happy to see each other.  Well, just slightly  :-)

The next day in the evening, the family and friends of the team were invited to come share a wonderful evening under the Oaks at the college and hear the team speak briefly of their experience.  We thoroughly enjoyed hearing how God blessed their trip from everyone's perspective, though Emma informed me later that we heard maybe 5% of what could really be said.  I knew that it would take some time for her to express the experience that she had.  While she didn't suffer a stitch of jet lag (surprisingly), I can see that she is changed by this experience and needs time to process it all.   It was a very different life in Thailand, and she LOVED every second of her time there.  I'm thankful that she could gain this amazing experience and look forward to how God uses it in her life.

I can't tell you how wonderful it feels for this momma to lay her head on her pillow each night and know her daughter is sleeping under the same roof.  Six weeks was a really long time and Thailand is very far away.   I have to say, God blessed Rich and I with a perfect peace while she was gone.  And what a gift Skype was!  One dose of that joyful, pretty face and we could go on.  :-)  She didn't have much time to communicate with us, but we probably got to talk with her at least every 5-7 days and left us smiling each time.

I know she will post something on her blog soon, and when she does I will link it up.  For now, I just want to thank everyone who had a part in helping her go, from supporting her by buying soap/candles from me, or praying for her. 

Here's an instagram shot of Emma, her best friend Kait, and I last week on a girly date.  We got our toes done and had lunch at our favorite bakery, Berolina.   Welcome back, sweet Emma!  


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Pur et Simple said...

So glad she is back safe and sound! I hope Emma will share what God showed her. In my little, privileged, sheltered life, I'm sure it would give me much to think about!
Fun toes, fun food, fun friends! :-)