Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Great deal on gift wrap for the holidays!

When I was a little girl, I loved going to the department store gift wrap department with my mom. We would shop at May Company, or Sears, or Montgomery Ward, and when my mom bought a gift we would take it to the gift wrap department, come back in about 10 minutes, and they would present us with a masterpiece. As a young girl I thought this was magical.

I would become quite enamored by all the gift wrapped boxes on display (remember that they were numbered?) and how amazing the package looked when we picked it up. Always totally "pro" with perfectly tucked in edges and dreamy big bows. I aptly observed that they were nothing like the packages my mom attempted to wrap at home (maybe that's why she took her purchases there). Ah, those were the good old days. I distinctly remember deciding that when I grew up, I would be a gift wrapper at a department store. It just seemed like the most fun anyone could have for a job.

Well, that never happened, but I still like to wrap packages. I have a thing for Kraft handled bags, gingham tissue and raffia bows. I like polka dots and stripes. I love packages that look like they came out of Country Living magazine. I guess I'm kind of old fashioned when it comes to how I like my packages wrapped. I don't like glossy paper, shiny silver or gold anything, but rather a simple package tied with twine and a piece of pine is right up my alley. And I adore organza ribbon.

Just thought I'd share a website that I love for wrapping supplies. They have the best deals on bags, ribbons, and such. I like to keep my wrapping supplies well stocked with a selection of all types of ribbons, assorted handled gift bags, cello bags, and tissue paper. It's much more economical to buy this stuff in bulk online instead of at retail stores, and once you stock up you are good for a long time. You really do save yourself both time and money in the long run. I was looking over my stash recently and realized my supply was getting low and that I needed to get stocked up for the holidays. So I went to my favorite site, Nashville Wraps and did some shopping. Check it out!

Also, on a different subject, but appropriate for the upcoming holidays - I just made these Oatmeal Cookies today and they are the bomb. I have been using a different recipe for years, but lately I couldn't seem to get them right and I was getting very frustrated. I heard someone rave about Ina's recipe and decided to give them a try. WOW are they good. I omitted the pecans and substituted chopped dried cherries for the raisins. I can't wait to let Drew try them, as he loves oatmeal cookies. I'm so excited to have this recipe! They came out beautiful and delicious.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good!

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Anonymous said...

I love Nashville Wraps! I just ordered some cello bags, raffia, mini chinese take out boxes (for an advent calendar) and some beautiful jute ribbon last week. Hopefully it will arrive tomorrow! They have great prices and I find myself just browsing forever. :)