Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Make your own body lotion and hand cream!


OK, I was going to keep this idea under wraps since I'm planning on giving them as holiday gifts this year. But, I just can't keep it to myself. It's too good - I must share!

First of all - a confession: I've been addicted Burt's Bees body lotion and Neutrogena hand cream for years. Problem is, they are expensive, and often when something is expensive I begin to wonder if I could make it myself somehow (i.e. candles, soap, etc...) Often I feel like a complete nut as I know most normal people don't think that way. :-)

Anyways, I came across a neat blog recently - A Sonoma Garden (I added it to my blogroll on the right) that had recipes for homemade body lotion and hand cream. I was fascinated. They seemed easy enough- so I gathered my supplies and couldn't wait to get to work.

So, last night, I tried my hand at making the body lotion and beeswax hand cream. I cannot BELIEVE how wonderful they are. While they were still warm, I slathered them all over and was quite impressed. They felt clean and moisturizing. When I went to bed, I coated my hands and even my eye area with the beeswax hand cream. I woke up nice and moisturized. Be forewarned that the beeswax cream is super rich and goes on greasy, but absorbs quickly.

And they couldn't have been easier to make! Super quick, hardly any mess -I easily whipped up a half batch of each in less than 10 minutes (I did half batches just to see how I liked them).
I do like a scented lotion, so I made both with lavender essential oil, which is one of my favorite scents on earth. You can scent them with anything you like. I think I'll try a citrus blend next. The beeswax cream actually smelled sweet like honey and didn't really need any additional scent.

With no preservatives, they do have a short shelf life, so if you are giving them as gifts, just make them right before you give them and tell your recipient to use them right away.

Here are the links for both recipes:

Body Lotion

Beeswax Hand Cream

I ordered my emulsifying wax, beeswax pastilles, and vitamin E oil from Brambleberry. I just used Costco's organic extra virgin olive oil and the organic extra virgin coconut oil that I had on hand. I purchased half pint wide mouth canning jars to put them in. The lotion recipe fills approximately 2 of those jars, and the beeswax hand cream fills approximately 1.

P.S. I'm on Pinterest now! It's SO much fun. Let me know if you need an invite!

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gale said...

amen to homemade creams...morgan makes body butter for keelah since her skin dries out so quickly. she uses cocoa and shea butters and olive and coconut oils! she puts in some scent so that the cocoa smell is not so strong. i love putting it on her and using the extra on my hands!! love to you all. gale

The Mom said...

I don't think you are crazy :o) I often wonder about making something myself, I just don't always have the time to figure it out! But, I recently added toothpaste to the list of things I now make instead of buying. The last time I made a jar of toothpaste I improved on the taste a little and my Abby said "Mommy, that toothpaste was good! Still a little yucky but better!" :o)

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen,

My name is Mayda and I've been reading your blog for a while now and I simply adore it! I love your creative and crafty ideas and suggestions.

I had some catching up to do with your blog and when I came across this post and you mention Pinterest, I got all giddy! I've been trying to get an invite here. I love the exclusivity and I love the site. Which Is why I got so excited that you were in it. Would you mind sending me an invite? pretty please!

Thank you in advance!

maydamadrid @ gmail dot com