Wednesday, December 2, 2009

WDW - Easy Homemade Donuts

donuts 1

Here's a little something if you want to make breakfast extra-special during the holidays. This is such a fun thing to do with your kids and takes very little time! We made these over the weekend on our desert camping trip, using our large turkey fryer, but you can easily do this with a small deep-fryer or even just a skillet. My mom taught me how to make these when I was a kid - I think we may have done them in Girl Scouts. All you do is take Pillsbury refrigerated biscuits (the small ones work better and have 0g trans fat). I like to make a hole with my apple corer and set aside all the little "holes" to cook together. Heat up your oil to about 350 degrees, or if you lack a thermometer just do a test to see if a little dough sizzles when you put it in (if the oil isn't hot enough you will end up with a greasy product). If you are using a skillet, just add an 1 1/2" or so of oil to the pan - just enough so the donuts will float and not touch the bottom of the pan. It only takes a minute or two on each side, and they are done. Hot donuts! They are so good.

We dipped ours in a variety of toppings. Some we simply rolled in cinnamon-sugar or powdered sugar (or you can shake them in a bag), and some we dipped in glaze and toppings. I made two glazes - one was a powdered sugar glaze which was just powdered sugar, a little vanilla, and milk to desired consistency (you want it a little runny). The other glaze was a maple glaze which consisted of maple syrup (the fake stuff works best for this), powdered sugar, and a little milk to desired consistency. The toppings we used were: mini chocolate chips, sprinkles, and coconut. You can use whatever you fancy!

Here are some pictures of Stephanie making them in our trailer. She is a total foodie and had a blast doing most of the dipping!

stephanie donuts 2

stephanie donuts

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Anonymous said...

Karen, Just seeing the photo of the donuts was such a wonderful memory from the past! I recognized these homemade donuts and toppings from making them with my Mom and Sister. Thank you for sharing this recipe and photos. You are truly a blessing from the Lord. ~Barbara Annan

Anonymous said...

I love these! My oldest sister used to make them for her kindergarten students smeared with jam and confectioners sugar .. 20+ years ago. I began making them for our kids. I need to start again, the sprinkles and coconut look fun! :)