Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thanksgiving in the desert

3rd annual Thanksgiving in the desert

California City

rich turkey

Rich deep-fried 3 turkeys! Aren't his gloves cute?

susan sabrina

Susan and Sabrina helped make "desert themed" centerpieces. The ladies went out on a walk and gathered some desert foliage and arranged them in recycled pumpkin cans. Cheap and beautiful!


Emily and Lindsey helped arrange, too.


making potatoes

Lindsay, Drew and Stephanie made the mashed potatoes. Drew impressed the girls with his manly stirring skills.


Gene is trying to let Brenda know she is about to have her picture taken. Oh well.

emma robert in line

Emma, Robert and Emily look ready to eat!

fab 5

jenna sabrina in line

Jenna and Sabrina heading to the buffet in the Tubbs' trailer!

rogers waiting

We were so glad that the Rogers family joined us this year in their new trailer!


What Hunter? The Harasick's dog took your turkey leg?

waiting 1


Let us in!! We're hungry.

emma with lindsay

Emma is waiting to dig in. Lindsay, however, looks like she is waiting for the firing squad!

serving food

Just look at that spread! Toy-hauler transformed into buffet hall!


Dessert in the desert.

pumpkin pies

Emma's beautiful pumpkin pies. That girl can make a mean crust!


Kids getting ready to watch "Up" on the big screen!

dads riding

Dad ride Saturday. Smile for the camera, guys!

P.S. Scroll down to see some other food we made in the desert!

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Briana said...

Tell Em I am impressed with her pie decoration :P