Thursday, August 6, 2009

Zankou Chicken


Tarna. Shawerma.

If these two words mean absolutely nothing to you, you obviously need to be informed about Zankou Chicken.

I met Rich for lunch there yesterday and because I'm a blogger, the first thing I think when I walk in is "Have I ever blogged on this place?" Wow, I can't believe I haven't.

Zankou is a great mid-eastern food place we've been frequenting for years. All the older locations are basically dives in not-so-good neighborhoods, but lately they have been expanding and have opened some really nice looking outlets. There is now one in Burbank (near IKEA) and one just popped up in Glendale on Glenoaks near Pacific. I must say, I am partial to the old location in Glendale (on Colorado Blvd., near Eagle Rock). And I have a reason. Not just because I get to drive by my old High School, Glendale High (it does give me warm fuzzies though). The main reason is because the Baklava house is just a few doors down in the strip mall Zankou is in. My life meal is made complete by eating one perfect piece of their scrumptious baklava. Theirs is simply the best ever. I am rather partial to the square one with walnuts - it is so juicy and practically drips with butter and honey with every bite ($1 each). They have so many types, if you happen to visit there be sure to get a variety to try.

We find ourselves craving Zankou pretty often. We usually order the Tarna plate (Rich & I share it - around $9). It consists of tender, flavorful shredded chicken, hummus (to die for), a tasty sesame (tahini) sauce, garlic sauce, pickled turnips (yum), and a lame little pile of shredded romaine lettuce mixed with underripe diced tomato. They also serve the plate with a couple pita breads. We usually throw in a small side of taboule ($2.50) and that is more than plenty of food for the two of us. It's fun to dip the pita in everything, balancing it out with bites of chicken, or if you're in the mood for order, make a sandwich with the chicken and condiments. Just be sure to slather their garlic sauce on everything (and make sure everyone in your party does, too, so you are not the only one to smell later on). I do not exactly know what is in the garlic sauce. Let's just say I don't really want to know for fear I won't be able to ever eat it again. I dare say it resembles the consistency of Crisco - OK, I'll just leave it at that for everyone's sake. They do have a sign that touts their food as "all natural" but like Rich says their idea of "all natural" may be quite different than mine.

Zankou has great wraps too. They make one out of their chicken (Tarna wrap), and they also do a Shawerma wrap. Shawerma is a marinated steak that they make on a big spit (you can also get a Shawerma platter). It's mighty tasty!

And did I mention their hummus is to die for?

And don't forget to try the marinated turnips!

And please put garlic sauce on everything.

OK, now you're ready to go.



It's not fancy, but it's tasty!

P.S. I have made a new category on the right - it's called "great places to eat around L.A." I put all my fave places to visit in one spot for your convenience!
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Kevin and Pam said...

I got started reading your blog a few months ago from Tracy Dodson's blog. I just love the recipes you post. I have tried several of them and have never been disappointed! You are now on my favorite blog roll! Thanks for the recipes and I can't wait for more!