Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Not WDW...

Janzen Wedding- ELP 010

My sister and I have a saying when we don't like something - even non-food items. We say "that's not yummy." I think one of her boys said that a long time ago when he was little, in fact I think it was Austin when she fed him cantaloupe. He actually said "that doesn't smell yummy" ! So, I think we got it from that and we say it often. We also say it with a bit of a whine.

So, today there was something very not yummy in my yard. We awoke to peacock feathers strewn across our entire front lawn. And, then, to our dismay, a dead feather-less {partial} peacock was laying in a heap on the grass near the front door. EWWW! After Drew went out to feed the dogs, he said he found "the other half" of the peacock, so I went out to look. It had a head. And so did the other peacock we found. Hmmm. Quick thinking told me that this meant TWO peacocks were killed. Definitely not yummy.

We assume our dogs were the culprits. We have a chocolate Lab and a black Lab - the two gentlest girls on the face of the earth. But, a few weeks ago, they surprised us by grabbing onto an unassuming peacock in the yard and pretty much stripped it of its feathers before it finally flew away! Our dogs had never done anything like that - they are pretty much wimps and even are afraid of our cats. But, if it wasn't them, I don't know who it was. I'm thinking they have it in them, and besides, I don't really want to think about what else it could have been (have you seen the movie "The Village" ? 'Nuff said.)

So here's a photo of my son. He is a borderline germaphobe. He donned three layers of gloves to take this photo. But, he wasn't about to pass up this photo-op. He told Emma to get her camera, and that he was getting this right up on Facebook. And he did, with a status of "I killed these two peacocks with my bare hands." HA! Some people actually believed him.

So, since it's Tuesday and I have not prepared a WDW for this week, I offer you something absolutely culinarily repulsive (that's so not proper grammar!). I sent Rich the picture of Drew and his dead friends this morning via email, and he responded that I should make it my WDW, and suggested something like "Way Delicious Wednesdays with Roasted Peacock." I responded "in a possum reduction sauce?" as we had a almost-dead possum grace our Saturday morning last week. (My boys took care of him with the back side of a shovel.)

These things are definitely not yummy.

Maybe I should consider going back to my original blog name - "Country Living...Shadow Hills."

What can I say, it's just my life.

Have a great Wednesday!

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Suzanne DeShong said...

That's SO not yummy. But hmmm...peacock with possum reduction sauce....