Monday, May 18, 2009

Not Me! Monday returns

Now that MckMama is back home with baby Stellan, and he is doing well, Not Me! Mondays have been reinstated!

It's time to reveal once again all the things I did did not do.

This past week, for example, I DID NOT:

-order a suit for Drew from Lands' End, with the pants in one color and the jacket in another. I would never be so careless as to not check my shopping cart carefully before pressing the 'place order' button. Nope, NOT ME!

-also order pillows for the front porch furniture in the WRONG size. Like I said above, I always check my shopping cart carefully before submitting my order. I DID NOT order 4 of one size (the right size) and 2 of another size (wrong). I DID NOT take said wrong pillows to the post office to return them and find out that due to their size, the return shipping cost would be $50 (UPS said the same). So, I DID NOT end up keeping pillows that are too large and making do even though they look ridiculous. Nope, NOT ME!

-decide to take up running at my age. I DID NOT happily jump on the treadmill at the gym excited for the challenge, only to find out that I could only run for 3 minutes without passing out. I DID NOT have to resign myself to intervals of walking for 5 minutes and running for only 3. Nope, NOT ME!

-receive a 25% off coupon from the Gap in the mail, 2 days after I went in and bought new summer clothes for the family. I DID NOT then have a mini-tantrum on the way back to the house from the mailbox that I got ripped off. Nope, NOT ME!

-stalk the blog of this adorable lady. I would never spend ridiculous amounts of time reading about people I don't even know. Nope, NOT ME!

-eat massive amounts of Couscous, just because MckMama posted the recipe. Nope, NOT ME!

-worst of all, I DID NOT graduate my first student from our home school. I DID NOT also foolishly agree that this child could live on campus, away from home and his mother, in his freshman year, either. Nope, NOT ME!

How about YOU? What did you NOT do this week? Use my comments section if you feel like confessing sharing!

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