Friday, May 8, 2009



One of my favorite places of culinary delight is Martino's Bakery in Burbank. Their tea cakes are legendary. They've been cranking them out since the 1940's and that's a pretty long time. They know what they're doing. These little beauties are tender, moist, and super delicious. And so cheap...only $.89 each (or $9 a dozen)!

I purposed to go to happened to be driving by Martino's today, so I decided to pick up some of those tea cakes up for breakfast tomorrow. This has been the "week of a million dreams" for Drew, as he has been celebrating his high school graduation in many interesting and unconventional ways (more on that later, including photos of my graduate and his ladies friends.) Breakfast tomorrow morning will be the end of the dream, and I thought Martino's would be a great way to blow it out.

Martino's makes all kinds of lovely pastries, pies, and cakes. Forget them all. The tea cakes are all that matter (well, their puff pastries and bear claws are pretty special, too). All I can say about Martino's tea cakes is GET SOME. Pardon me, GET SOME SOON. If you are ever even remotely close to Burbank, you should stop in and treat yourself and your family. Be sure to get at least a dozen, or you'll be very sorry. They come in regular flavor (iced), cranberry streusel, and blueberry streusel. They're all good. My standard order is 6 plain, 3 cranberry, and 3 blueberry.

Well, time for me to go eat the other half of the tea cake that I left in the kitchen. I was hoping I wouldn't eat it. Oh well.


Martino's Bakery
335 N. Victory in Burbank

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Jensen Family said...

Seriously, I couldn't agree more... I wonder if they would mail me out a dozen?