Monday, April 20, 2009

A Wonderful Evening


Last night, Drew had the opportunity to get baptized. He shared his testimony, and then was dunked by his beloved high school pastor, Austin Duncan.

We got to sit in the front row, and it was wonderful to behold Drew declaring his personal faith in Christ to the entire congregation. As he spoke, I took in every word, savoring the moment. I found myself being taken back to an evening, much like this one, about 6 years ago, when I witnessed Brady get baptized. He was so young, yet knew he wanted to follow Christ. It hit me in a big way how blessed I am to have seen BOTH my boys get baptized and declare their faith.

I was also reminded me of an interview with Pastor John, in which he quoted 3 John 1:4 ~ "I have no greater joy than this, than to hear of my children walking in truth." I indeed, feel grateful to be able to echo that sentiment. There is no greater joy. And I feel so undeserving of such great joy. But, that is my amazing God. He blesses me in spite of me being undeserving!

I love you, Drew. May you, like our Lord Jesus, continue to grow in "wisdom, stature, and favor with God and men."
Luke 2:52

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Dodson Family said...

Karen - I love your blog - all my friends read it - most people never comment but just so you know :O)

What a blessing to watch Drew get baptized.

I love your family!!!! Remember we are hanging out someday!

Jensen Family said...

So happy for you Drew! We love you.