Monday, March 9, 2009

"Not Me!" Monday

Well, it's probably about time I joined Mck Mama's little "Not Me!" Monday game.

Each Monday, she posts all the things she did not do (but really did do) and encourages us all to play along for a little amusement (and self-deprecating humor). Confused? You'll get it as you read.

This week,
I did not...

...take our absentee ballots to our neighborhood voting place (the elementary school down the street) on Monday instead of Tuesday. I knew very well that the election was Tuesday and that no one would be there to collect my ballots on Monday. I was not at all embarrassed when the lady in the school office gently reminded me of the correct election day. Nope, not me! a book entitled
The flat belly diet. I would never fall for any type of fad diet, knowing plain well that to lose weight I must simply eat less and exercise more. Besides, my abdomen is so ripped anyways that I would never even think of buying a book like that! Nope, not me!

...get inspired to download three
Heart songs on itunes after seeing Allison Iraheta perform "Alone" on American Idol. I did not then proceed to sing along loudly to these songs in the car. I would never listen to any secular music - especially rock - nope not me!

...go to Do-It Center with Rich, fill up our cart with stuff, proceed to the checkout and then realize that neither of us had any money on us. We did not then leave our cart, go home and get money, return to the store, and then sheepishly go through the checkout again. Not me (or us)! a Krispy Kreme doughnut, a huge ice cream in a waffle cone at Disneyland, chocolate raspberry trifle, and a dozen or so of the amazing Italian cookies that one of my Shepherds' Conference guys brought. I would never eat those kinds of unhealthy, fattening things. And I would never gain weight if I did. Nope, not me!

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Great-Full Mom said...

Oh my gosh! I love to read the Not Me's and then stumble across a blog I have to bookmark! I can not wait to make your enchiladas and beans (in the crockpot - yeeehaw!) and baked oatmeal. yummmm! The kids are bugging me so I didn't get to read too far but I heard mention of carrot cake? Oh man, I will be back later!
Your Not Me's cracked me up and I'd love to hear (read) your journey with the Belly Fat diet book. I've debated buying it soooo many times online and once I come across it in person (probably at Costco) I will have no choice but to pick it up.
Have a great Monday!

carma said...
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Nancy said...

I definitely DID NOT scoop up and consume a forkful of wasabi thinking it was avocado last night. Nope. Not me. :-)