Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day

I hope everyone out there had a happy Valentine's day. Mine was so special and unique, I just had to blog about it. Wait until you hear what Rich did for me!

Unbeknownst to me, many weeks in advance, he hatched a plan to farm out our kids to friends and made us reservations at a swanky hotel! Isn't that sweet?

Yeah, that's what happened.

Hee hee.

The truth is, we were heading out to the desert with our trailer Saturday morning to go dirt bike riding for the long holiday weekend(romantic, huh?). We had actually planned to go Friday afternoon, but feared that snow on the 14 freeway would be a bit problematic. So, we waited until the morning and headed out bright and early.

As we were blowing through Lancaster, we had some "issues" with our trailer. Issues that sent our trailer straight to the repair shop. End of trailer for the weekend. OK. Now what to do?

Thankfully, we were caravanning with our dear friends the Tubbs and the Jensens, who were so gracious to us. They let us know there was smoke coming off of our tire (we were clueless), helped Rich remove the tire and diagnose the problem, stuck by us for hours while we figured out what to do, and offered to help us in any and every way.

We decided to take advantage of our gracious friends and pile all of our stuff (clothes, bulky gear, food for 3 days, etc.) into our friends' trailers and make a go of the weekend anyways. Whew!

When we got there, my sister offered to house us in her trailer, but I've been battling a terrible nighttime cough and knew I would either A) contaminate everyone in the trailer while we slept or B) keep everyone awake all night with my annoying cough. Rich wanted to drive home and return the next morning, but I suggested we get a hotel in nearby Lancaster. He finally gave in to my nagging gentle persuasion, so we left the kids to bunk with friends and the two of us drove down to the lovely Hampton Inn. It was a bit comical arriving at 10:30 p.m. on the most romantic night of the year, with a mesh beach bag with clothes thrown in, smelling like campfire and asking for toothbrushes. But, what can you do?

It turned out to be just lovely. And when we returned the next morning to the campsite (after our free buffet breakfast to boot), our friends were quite jealous of our restful night's sleep and the hot showers we had.

And, when we got home late last night, we had no trailer to pull into the driveway and unload. Drew drove home while the rest of us kicked back.

We just may be onto something here.

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