Thursday, January 8, 2009

Consumer Bliss - Canon camera

Welcome to my newest topic here at Country Living...Shadow Hills. It's called "Consumer Bliss." I decided that I would begin to give credit where credit is due when it comes to my relations with the consumer world.

Today's plug is for Canon camera. Now, don't get me wrong. I am neither a "Canon" person nor a "Nikon" person (though my daughter Emma is definitely a "Nikon" person). I just wanted to share how well Canon handled a problem I was having with my little point and shoot Powershot.

I turned my camera on recently to find that the screen wasn't lighting up. I couldn't see the image I was taking or had just took. I just figured my camera's little life was coming to a sad end and I started to look to see if any sales were out there for a new one. Emma takes most of our photos with her SLR, but this is a great little camera to keep in your pocket or purse. It actually takes really good pictures, and I couldn't imagine living without it.

Then, in a stroke of genius (if I do say so myself), I decided to google "Canon powershot screen won't light up". Wouldn't you know that some dude out there had asked the same question on a forum and some other dude answered him! He said that it was a problem Canon was having and left a link to Canon to send your camera in for a free repair! So, guess where my camera is right now? Is that cool or what? Things like this never happen to me (i.e. my appliance curse). I'm pretty pumped about this.

I just wanted everyone to know the other thrifty thing I did today. Yesterday, I was shopping with Emma for new bedlinens for her bed when I started thinking about the fact that our bed set was getting rather shabby and faded (it's 5 years old). Then, this morning, as I was making the bed, it dawned on me that my quilt and shams are all reversible! There is a striped side and a floral side. So, I flipped over the quilt and all the shams and it looks brand new. You may think this sounds rather elementary, but I was pretty proud of myself for thinking of it. Another free solution! Yippee!

So please stay tuned. You might not want to drop that Consumer Reports subscription just yet, but I just may turn you on to some pretty cool things every now and then.

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