Sunday, December 14, 2008

Porch Update - Finally!

Country Living...Shadow Hills (hence the blog name)

More detail...

Here are some shots of the porch taken today. It is finished! We are thrilled with the way it turned out and are extremely thankful to our brother in law Dave who did all the painting! It was a lot of work! He painted the doors yesterday afternoon and I was very concerned about the color (OK, freaked out)....the color looked like "burnt orange" from the crayola box- Rich said it looked like a persimmon!

My sister just kept saying "wait for it to dry" and sure enough today we loved it! It's kind of barn-red but kind of cranberry - it totally works. I'm happy.

For those of you who didn't see the whole project before it got started, here's the before shot. You can hardly see the old rickety porch it is so small. This was taken about 4 years ago, I think. I hope to dig up some OLD OLD photos of when we first bought the house 10 years ago- it was a JUNGLE!

It's just so exciting that this is finally DONE (it's been 3 years). As we stood back and admired it, Rich simply stated, "Well, it's all going to burn someday!" How true - but did he have to ruin the moment?!

Note to Rich: Thank you so much for designing this beautiful addition to our home. Nothing brings me more pleasure than living in it with you, and none of it would have any meaning without you here. You worked so very hard on this project - thank you. I look forward to rocking in our chairs together for many years to come...much love honey!


lissy said...

emma told me that it was beautiful...this is just amazingly gorgeous!!! it looks SO amazing!!

Dodson Family said...

i love it! I have always wanted a front porch...I'm jealous!!

Great spot for Emma to take pictures :O)

Julie Gebhards said...

It is beautiful! The door color is great. Happy for you that it's done!

Suzi said...

Oh Karen, it is just beautiful! The last time we were there it was as in your "original" photo. So beautiful! I love the porch chandelier and I love the red doors! Perfect with the yellow!

Myra said...

Wow! Looks beautiful, Karen! I remember when you first moved in, and can hardly believe it has been so long. Love the yellow paint and the red doors!