Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Handy Market

The Handy Market

Line forms to the right of the barbecues

There's a place called The Handy Market in Burbank on Magnolia Avenue. It's just a little market with an antiquated sign that shows you that it's been a Burbank fixture for awhile. I've driven by it a million times on a Saturday, and seen smoke billowing and some kind of barbecuing going on in the parking lot. I've also noticed the line of people that is there all day long. I've often wondered what the deal was, and at the same time suspected this was a place I probably wanted to be some Saturday. It's basically just a little Mom 'n Pop grocery store that barbecues outside on Saturdays. So, yesterday, while our kids were off on high school retreat weekend, we decided to go check it out. We had the last DVD of the John Adams series left and wanted some good take out food to enjoy our show with.

We arrived and got in line on the sidewalk. You can tell you are amongst people that come there all the time. Everyone ordering seemed to know exactly what they wanted. We were asking some questions to ourselves, like, "I wonder where you pay" and the guy in front of us overheard us and chimed in "you pay inside the market." I tell you, you feel really cool and "in the know" being in this little line. You are telling the world that YOU know the cool place to eat in this town. People driving by are looking at YOU and thinking, boy that person knows something that I don't. Yeah, you've been coming here for years. You know the deal, and they can only wonder. Yeah, you're looking pretty cool in that line.

"Cool" people in line

The menu with the prices on the little piece of paper...great prices- chicken $2.99/lb!

The parking lot scene

The barbecued chicken cooking...

So when it was our turn, Rich stepped up, and ordered us a slab of ribs, a half chicken, and a grilled ear of corn. They grab what you order off the grill behind them, throw it on top of some heavy duty foil, and pour an exhorbitant amount of barbecue sauce from a big jug on top. You then proceed indoors to pay. If you want a tri-tip sandwich, you have to get that at the meat counter inside (the guy in front of us told us that too.)

So we proceeded inside, got ourselves a tri-tip sandwich, and a couple of 99 cent boxes of strawberries (in the cute little green mesh baskets) that looked nice for dessert. We went to the checkout, paid an amazingly cheap amount for all that we got, and headed home to enjoy our little sampler dinner. We got into our car and without delay, opened up the tri tip sandwich. It was huge! We took a big, messy bite...MMM. It tasted awesome- tender, smoky and slathered in yummy barbecue sauce.

Can't wait until we get home - gotta dig in NOW!

Messy but good!

At home, we had a taste of everything else. I have to say, my ribs are WAY superior, but the chicken was really yummy. In retrospect, I would have been happy with just half that huge tri-tip sandwich for $5.99. I'm definitely going to remember this place. Yeah, I'm a regular now. I'm cool.

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Adrienne said...

Oh that looks like the PERFECT date for my hubby and I! Do you happen to know the cross-street?