Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy! Happy!

I'm so happy I could blog! My hubby just fixed my coffee maker, the one I've lived without all summer, because I busted it on our Yosemite camping trip. He took the whole thing apart, put in a new $1.50 part, and put it all back together. I just brewed a pot of coffee and it works perfectly. I am so excited I could scream!

You are probably wondering why I am so excited over a coffee maker. Well, this isn't just any coffee maker you see. This is the now obsolete Starbucks Barista Aroma Grande that my husband snagged me right before Starbucks discontinued them. I had always had the best coffee whenever we went to bible study at the Brooks' house, and Diane had the Barista. I always dreamed of getting one, so I dropped some not-so-subtle hints around my birthday time. And since that day 3 or 4 years ago, I've been one happy girl. Prior to getting the Barista, I still had the Krups machine we got as a wedding gift (17 years old at that point) and believed I really didn't like coffee "that much." Well, the Barista changed all that! I've been brewing up my favorite coffee ever since - Starbucks decaf Verona. Not only does the Barista turn out great coffee, it is totally user friendly, easy to clean, and looks downright stylish! I love the fact that the thermal carafe keeps the coffee hot, what a taste difference from coffee makers that have a warming unit and produce that wicked burnt coffee flavor. I adore this machine and wouldn't want any other. I think I have actually hugged it before.

So, listen to the dumb thing I did to my beloved machine. We were camping in Yosemite in June, and I decided to make a pot of coffee after dinner. So, I put the coffee in and turned it on. The only problem was, I forgot to fill the water reservoir. It made a strange sound and went kaput. The funny thing was, the Brooks were camping with us, and Diane did the same exact thing to her machine just minutes before I did! Neither of us had ever made this mistake before. But, for some reason, her machine survived but mine was not as fortunate.

So, Rich disassembled the entire coffee maker, taking many pictures of the process, to make it easy for him to fix and put it back together again. Then, dummy me, I lost the memory card the photos were on. Isn't that just the lamest thing ever? (I also lost vacation photos- UGH) So, he not only repaired the machine, but had to put it back together with no guidance. My hero. I threw my arms around him when the machine turned on!

Starbucks Barista, it's good to have you back. I love you. But I love the man that fixed you more!


Dodson Family said...

Karen - that is so funny- that happened to ours too. I forgot the water and it busted! It sitting in the pantry in Utah - maybe I'll send it to Rich!

Lauren and Larry Brown said...

Hi Karen...

Found your blog via the Sandersons and now you've made me hungry. Not the best timing, to read this before dinner! Always love to read, watch, think, and best of all, eat good food so appreciate the inspiration. And who're the Ralph Lauren models at the top of the page??