Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Technology and Me

In light of our upcoming travels, my family gave me an early birthday iPod!
It really makes me laugh that I actually have an iPod. Technology challenged me has an iPod!
The box sat on my desk and I didn't open it for days. I didn't want to even hold it. It terrified me. It seemed so do you even get the music on it?

So, I made a brilliant deal with Drew...I gave him $50 and he put all his music on my iPod. So, now I have over a thousand songs all ready to go. Sweet deal! Perfect for someone like me who is technology challenged. When Drew was showing me how the iPod worked, he manipulates the little device so easily. I kept thinking, I will have to read the manual to understand this later. How do you turn it on again? How are kids so good at this stuff?

It reminded me of when I got my newest phone. For a mom, getting a new phone is like, "Bummer, now I have to learn how this new phone works." I liked my old phone. I knew how it worked. Then it broke. UGH. Kids love to get new things, but moms love to keep the old things they know how to use and dread getting new ones. By the way, I thought it was funny when the salesgirl at AT&T asked me what I would be using the phone for. I thought she was kidding. When I answered plainly, "for making phone calls," she replied sadly, "Oh." Boy, did I feel stupid for not saying "for downloading music, checking my email, and surfing the net." I just want to make phone calls, OK? I know, it's weird.

As soon as we left the AT&T store with my new phone, Drew asked to see it. He instictively knew how to work it. I seriously couldn't even figure out how to make a phone call yet, and he was personalizing the thing for me. I don't get it - how do they innately know this?

Well, I hope no one is looking at me when I pull out my iPod on the plane, and try to turn it on and use it. Well, if someone is watching, at least I will provide entertainment on a long and otherwise dull flight!

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