Thursday, March 27, 2008

Whatever- My Washing Machine

R.I.P. , Front Loader

For awhile now, my washing machine has been making LOUD noise during the spin cycle. I put up with it for awhile, not wanting to incur repair expense. Last week though, a load was still running while we were eating dinner in the kitchen, preventing us from having any conversation, unless we were willing to scream at each other. So Rich asked me to get it fixed.

Today, the Sears Repairman paid us a visit. Why is it that when they say they will come between 1-5 they come at 4:45? Logic dictates that somebody must get the 1:00 visit - I wonder why it is never me.

So, I told the repairman the problem, and he spent a little time on his computer punching in some kind of information. He then gave me a print out of my repair quote...$980! WHAT A JOKE!!! All I could do was laugh, though it really wasn't very funny at all. I mean, c'mon, the washer only cost $750 so I was obviously not going to repair it. So I thanked him for the sad diagnosis and asked him how long he thought my washer would last in the condition it is in. He said, once it starts making that noise, it may make it another 2 weeks or so (incidentally, it's been making that noise for 6 months and working just fine. It's just LOUD.)

After he left, I looked up my paperwork on the purchase of the washer. We bought it in early 2004. Yes, do the math - it is 4 years old. Nice. I had my last washer 16 years and I only replaced it because the dryer went out and decided to get a new and updated "matching set." It never had a single repair and I ditched it! So now, my 4 year old washer needs to be replaced. Beautiful.

Incidentally, the repairman told me that he repairs front loading washers ALL THE TIME. He said they are a piece of junk compared to top loaders. He said he rarely repairs the top loaders. So, my front loader, which I bought because it was easy on my back, and conserves energy, water, and laundry soap is just about history. And one more thing - I had to pay the Sears guy $65 for his kind visit.


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sjensen said...

What??Why didn't I read this before 1:pm today??? When Sears delivered my brand new front loaders? I also fell for the easier on my back scam. My top loader was still good. It was my 16yr old dryer that went on the fritz.