Thursday, March 13, 2008

Whatever - Hand Washing Help

I kid you not; this sign is displayed on the wall above the sink inside the ladies' restroom at Disneyland:

It's a good thing they put that there. Washing your hands is a really confusing three-step process and it's hard to remember what order to do it in. I really hate it when I wet my hands after drying them. They really should make these signs mandatory in all restrooms to help us out.


French Green Bean said...

I am cracking up. Whew! Thank goodness for the Disneyland 3 step informational signs. I ALWAYS get lost on step 2!



Nancy said...

Ha! Thanks for that one. I laughed out loud! BTW, I thought of you when the sensors went off on me at the grocery store and not one person turned to look. Whatever!