Saturday, March 15, 2008

Earthly Treasure

The Bible does say, "where your treasure is, there your heart is also." But, if your treasure is a collection of books that help you understand the Bible, then is your heart in the right place?

This bookshelf is my treasure. I am delighted that during the Shepherds' Conference, they had a special rate (35% off) on John MacArthur's New Testament Commentaries. We were able to complete our set and now have every one! I am so excited. If I could have no other books besides the Bible, I would choose these and forget everything else out there.

These commentaries have been my favorites since my conversion. Long before the days of The MacArthur Study Bible, Rich and I used these to deepen our understanding of Scripture in our personal study times. And now, even though I do read out of my study Bible, I still use the commentaries almost every time I am in the Word. They have been a treasure to me, and I have grown much as a result of using them.

So, if you are feeling like your study times need some better structure, or you want to dig deeper into Scripture, I wholeheartedly recommend these commentaries to you. I love knowing that I can have complete trust in the source (my pastor of 24 years) and they are written in such an understandable manner. I have just begun 1 Corinthians, and Rich is in Romans, so that is why you may have noticed those volumes missing on the shelf! Note - the book on the far right is a neat treasure too. It contains all the New Testament notes that are found in the MacArthur Study bible - all in one volume.

By the way, Click Here to see a ton of captivating photos from the Shepherds' Conference by the wonderful photographer Lukas Van Dyke.

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